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Why should you think of upgrading to a tankless water heater

Water heaters are an essential commodity in any household. You have to be aware of the maintenance of your heaters constantly. Failing to properly look after the functioning of the water heater tank can lead to unmitigated disasters like leakage and corrosion. These water heaters with a tank can then require immediate replacement. Today the majority of the population is opting to upgrade to tankless water heaters as they are constantly proving to be more beneficial than maintaining the water heater with tanks. You should consult with a professional who provides these kinds of plumbing solutions to your water heater woes and can help you upgrade your water heater systems.

Installing a tankless water heater is quite beneficial

No doubt installing a water heater with a tank is comparatively cheaper, but when you weigh other positives of the tankless water heater you can analyze how it is a wiser option. The water heater tank faces the major problem of thermal expansion wherein we observe that the air and water expand on heating. This increases the pressure on the water which may lead to leaks, pipes bursting, etc. Upgrading to a tankless water heater can eliminate this risk.

Saves energy

A tankless water heater helps to reduce your expenses on utility bills as they consume less energy. A tankless water heater runs only according to your requirements. It has an on/off mechanism so that you can obtain hot water for activities like your baths and while washing utensils but can turn it off when watering your garden. Also, there is zero energy consumption to keep the water stored in the tank hot. This way you are sure to get freshly heated water whenever you need it. This also eliminates the time wasted when the heated water is over. It takes time for the water in the tank to be refilled and then heated, whereas tankless heaters give you hot water on the go.

Takes up less room

The water heater tank takes up a huge space and with the new safety regulations, it has to be insulated properly to increase its efficiency. All this can become quite cumbersome in terms of the area it occupies. When you choose to upgrade your system and install a tankless water heater it is very flexible in terms of space it occupies. It can be installed under your kitchen sink or the wall of your utility closet. It takes up only a fraction of the space occupied by the tank of your previous water.

You can choose between electric and gas heater options

Similar to the conventional water heaters, the tankless counterparts can also be purchased with an electric or gas heating systems. The type of fuel source that you choose to go for will not affect the effective cost to a great extent. You can find your preferred kind of product without much hassle. The heater fueled with are gas comes with the usual risk and therefore the electric tankless heaters are more popular amongst the consumers.

Long-lasting and easy to maintain

One of the prime reasons you should consider an upgrade is that your current water heater tank comes with an expiry date within a decade of its installation. After almost 8 to 10 years of usage, it’s efficiency decreases. The new tankless water heaters are known to last for at least 20 years and have easier maintenance procedures. They don’t require replacement due to small leaks or corrosions. These come with replaceable parts and can be fixed by a local plumber in a jiffy.

Upgrade to the tankless water heater for improved lifestyle

The realtors have testified to the fact that houses with such tankless water systems have much higher resale value. This is because tankless water heaters bring a sense of advancement and make the home more efficient. It is a boon in terms of space it occupies as well as the energy it consumes. The water heater with tanks demands a regular checkup by a professional whereas these can be checked once every few years to ensure their efficiency and any faulty parts can be easily replaced and they will be as good as new. This upgrade makes sense as its pros outweigh the cons marginally and a one-time investment gives long returns.

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