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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe Over the Holidays

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The holidays often come with travel plans, but also security risks. During this time of the year, thousands of families leave their homes for a few days, giving thieves the perfect opportunity to attack.

The number of assaults on homes increases during holidays because they are left uninhabited. However, criminals have also improved their techniques to bypass obstacles and gain entry. Keep reading to find five ways to keep your home safe over the holidays so you can enjoy your free time without worries.

Be Discreet Before Going On Vacation

You generally convey to the people around you that you are going to enjoy some time away from your home. Family, colleagues and neighbours know the details of your trip, including the departure and return date. Although it seems silly, you should avoid this practice.

By making this information known to so many people, your plans might reach the ears of people who would like to take advantage of your absence and steal from you. It’s advisable to be discreet. Talk about your vacation only with your closest friends and family and avoid doing so in public places.

Do Not Leave Valuable Items In Plain Sight

While your house is uninhabited, leaving valuables out is not a good idea. If someone tries to enter your home, having expensive objects and secure documents easily accessible will significantly increase the losses you suffer. Further, having these objects in plain sight can be the determining factor for a thief to choose your home or not.

Whenever you go on vacation, try to keep the valuables in safe places. Avoid places like closets and under the bed, since those are the places where thieves check first. Try to choose locations that only you know and, for greater security, place the objects inside a safe.

Leave Your Doors And Windows Closed

When you go on vacation, you should make sure you keep your home as protected as possible from external threats. Therefore, you must adequately close each of the doors and windows that face the exterior. If any entry is not secure, you could leave an easy access point for intruders or thieves. Also, your assets could be at risk in case of a storm. On the other hand, regarding blinds, it is recommended to close most but not all, to convey the feeling that there is someone inside and that the home is not empty. The most important thing is that you patiently check each of the doors and windows before leaving home.

Turn Off Water And Gas

When you go on vacation, you not only need to protect your home from external threats; but also ensure its integrity. In this regard, one of the essential tips you can apply before going on vacation is to turn off your water and gas. This way, you can avoid accidental fires, floods or explosions.

Install Security Cameras

Installing a CCTV security system at home has become commonplace nowadays. The development of this technology and the interest of people to keep their homes safe has made this option very popular.

With a surveillance system, you can be aware of what is happening at home whenever and wherever. Best of all, you can see the camera’s information from your cell phone, so you won’t have to worry about taking your laptop on vacation.

Following these essential tips can help you feel safe while on vacation. Leaving home doesn’t have to be stressful; you only have to be prepared in advance and leave everything ready before going on your trip.

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