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6 Important Gardening Tips for Homeowners

Did you know that one of the original wonders of the world was actually a garden? 

Well, it might be hearsay, but we’ve all heard of the hanging gardens of Babylon, from ancient times, right? If those guys were already spending their time outdoors and tending to flowers and plants, then they were doing something right. 

Nothing’s changed, nowadays, there are those of us who love nothing more than to spend our time reading up on gardening tips and creating our dream home garden. 

This guide has the six most helpful gardening tips so keep reading. 

1. Get the Basic Tools 

A gardener should have at least the basic repertoire of tools and gardening supplies to keep his gardening game on form. 

Your garden shed should include a lawnmower, a shovel, a rake, a hoe, an edger, and watering tools such as cans and hoses. If you’re just starting out, these tools are more than enough to get you on the right track. 

2. Start Out Easy 

Plants can be as finicky as origami! 

Some can simply die even if you plant them just one week out of season. Head to your local garden center or nursery and chat with the pros. Ask which flowers and plants are more hardy for a gardener who is just starting out. 

More forgiving plants will give you some leeway when you’re not 100% focused. 

3. Care for Your Grass

Beautiful, lush green grass is just as appealing as trimmed shrubs and pretty flowers. You can’t work on your beds and edges if the grass in the middle looks shabby and untidy. 

Spend time spreading the right grass care products such as fertilizer and get that grass growing brilliant green. 

4. Have a Plan 

Your home garden may have an existing layout, or it may be absolutely bare. Whichever it is, you’re going to need a plan with your landscaping and layout ideas. 

Try to jot down how you want paths to lie, where flower beds will go, and where you want to plant those special shrubs. 

5. Edges Should Be Sharp 

If you don’t have tons of time to dedicate to your gardening then edging can be quite time-consuming. 

One solution for this, and one that looks pretty good, is to buy wooden edging or get creative with something you can place to keep your flower bed edges in place. 

6. Pruning Plants 

Believe it or not, but pruning plants is just as important to their health and growth as water and fertilizer. Get your shearers out of your garden sheds

Summer and fall plants should be trimmed in late winter or earlier in spring. While spring-flowering plants should be pruned just after flowers are faded.  

Gardening Tips for the Win!

We’ve covered you with this guide on gardening tips for homeowners and just how to get started! 

Once your flowers are growing bright and beautiful, and your grass is a wonderful, brilliant green, then you’ll be thankful you landed up here. 

If you need more great gardening tips, head on over to our gardening section! 

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