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5 Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Repairs

Are you preparing your business for the winter?

The average temperature in the United States during winter is 33.2 Fahrenheit. If your commercial HVAC system breaks during this time, you will inconvenience both your customers and employees.

To avoid future HVAC problems, consider maintaining your air conditioner as soon as possible. However, without enough experience, you will have no idea whether your system is failing.

Fortunately, our guide can help. Read on as we discuss five signs your heating and cooling system needs repairs:

1. Sudden Energy Expenses Increase

As your daily operations stay consistent, your energy costs should be stable as well. Sometimes, sudden energy cost increases are due to extreme weather. However, these sources are easy to identify and fix.

With no clear explanation, your only culprit is a problem in the HVAC system. A commercial building in the United States uses 15% of its energy bill for cooling. When malfunctions happen, the increase on your power consumption increases significantly.

2. Ventilation Odors

Do your employees complain about musty odors? When something foul is in the air, it is likely because of an HVAC issue. Poor indoor quality causes mold to develop within the ducts and alongside cooling coils.

Never ignore these odors since they will worsen over time. It causes your staff to become less healthy and affects their productivity. Schedule an appointment with Kahnmechanical.com to address these issues.

3. Lack of Temperature Control

A stuck damper of a malfunctioning thermostat can cause the temperature to be uneven. Other causes of inconsistent building temperature include:

  • Airflow blockage
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Unclean evaporator coil
  • Improper AC unit size

When your building has hotter spots, it causes your employees to feel uncomfortable. It impacts their productivity and your bottom line.

4. Noises

Hearing clanking or humming sounds from your HVAC unit is the most common sign of an issue. It is a pressing issue since it means some components are already breaking down. Ignoring the problem could lead to more expensive repairs in the long run.

Worse, these sounds will disturb your employees. It prevents them from devoting their attention to their work. If you are serving customers, they will surely notice, leaving a horrible impression of your business.

5. Your HVAC Unit is Decade-Old

A lot of experts agree your commercial HVAC unit lasts between 10 and 20 years. Thanks to modern technology, most AC units maintain their performance until the first decade.

When you have a decade-old HVAC unit, consider hiring professionals to check its condition. It is more necessary when you are heavily using your heating and cooling system. Often, these HVAC technicians will discover a plethora of issues and repair them.

Repair Your Commercial HVAC System Now

These are some signs it is time to repair your commercial HVAC unit. As soon as these issues pop up, consider calling an HVAC company to deal with these issues. However, your choice of contractors will determine the quality of the repair.

Are you looking for more helpful tips? If so, explore our other guides today.

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