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6 Ways to Brighten up Your Home for Summer

Need some ideas to spruce up your home for summer? You might be surprised by how some seemingly small improvements can increase your home’s appearance by leaps and bounds.

Look no further for ideas – here are six awesome ideas that you can implement to brighten your home.

Start with Spring Cleaning

Make your home appear cleaner, brighter and newer with some deep cleaning around your house. You can always look up some Sydney home cleaning services if the place is too big for you to clean all by yourself.

When your home is clean and tidied up, it is much easier to refurbish your existing furniture or install new decorations.

You can also include a new paint job or some floor polishing work in your spring cleaning plan to give your home a fresher appearance.

Take this time to refurbish any furniture with chipped corners or scratched surface too.

Decorate Outdoors

It is summer, and you are going to want to enjoy the lovely summer air outdoors. Take this opportunity to add some vibrant colours to any furnishing on your deck or balcony.

As it is with most other home decoration ideas, having a theme would greatly benefit your decoration style.

Choose a colour scheme and go for decorative items that match the chosen tones to create a sense of harmony. If you do go for a more contrasting look, go for colours that will not clash with one another.

Add Decorative Lighting

Every area in the house can be significantly improved with the right lighting. When it comes to outdoor decoration, you can opt for decorative lights instead of high-powered lightbulbs.

Add some string lights to your porch, balcony, or anywhere else that you will be relaxing outside your house.

Switch the lights on when you are hanging out with your friends and family when the sun starts to set. You will be pleasantly surprised by how lighting can set the mood in any room.

Add a Rug

Rugs add a lot of personality to any room. You can place a big, round carpet in the sitting area indoors or outdoors to make it more cozy and comfortable, especially if you are not going to be wearing shoes there.

If you are adding an outdoor rug, opt for something easy to clean. Rugs and carpets that are furrier tend to trap dirt in it, and will not fare well in the long term.

If you want something more unique, try using a small patch of astroturf instead.

Keep Plants Around the House

Plants are crucial elements for decoration regardless of the seasons. Different types of plants can set a different mood for the place, but all plants are capable of making your home much more cheery and happy.

If you are not sure about which plants to go for, try succulents. They are easy to care for and require only a little bit of light and water.

Even when summer has passed and the dreary winter season arrives, your succulents will still be well and healthy.

Pay Attention to Textures

Colours aside, textures also play an essential role in creating more varieties in your decoration style.

Having objects with soft materials paired alongside other firmer items can be a way to create a healthy sense of contrast in any space of your house.

Use light, airy textures to give your home the perfect summer vibe, and add bright, cotton blankets to decorate your living space.

Light and airy textures can easily make your sitting area much more comfortable, and you can up your decorating game by using lighter colour shades too.

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