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A Guide to DIY Loft Conversion

More and more UK homeowners are turning to DIY solutions when carrying out home improvements, mainly due to the ever-increasing cost of labour, and aside from saving some money, there is an awful lot of satisfaction from carrying out improvements yourself. If you are good with your hands and would like to take on a loft conversion project, here are a few tips to help make the project a success.

  1. The Right Tools for the Job – You will need a whole host of tools for such a project, and with local tool hire in Bristol, you can hire both hand and power tools to make sure the finish is first class. You should make a list of all the tools that you need but do not have, then an online search will help you find a local tool hire firm, and you can get everything you need in a single visit.
  2. Planning the Project – Like any other construction project, you will need to plan the conversion, making a list of materials needed and quantities required. The flooring would be made from chipboard, which comes in 8’ x 4’ sheets that can easily be cut to size with a circular saw. Roof and wall cladding can be made from plywood, and don’t forget a layer of insulation between the roof and the cladding, which will replace the loft insulation you remove from between the rafters.
  3. Essential Items to Source – Aside from the timber you need, you will also have to acquire several skylights to give you adequate natural lighting, and these should be of the opening type, for added ventilation in the summer. You will also need a set of dropdown steps for easy access.

If you are in any doubt how to go about this project, there are lots of online tutorials that give step by step instructions.

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