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A Guide to Building your Dream Home

HGTV Dream Home 2019 in Whitefish, Montana

If you are fortunate to be in the position where you can design and build your own home, there is much to consider. Obviously, you have done your homework and can afford to go ahead with the project, and assuming you have now located the ideal plot of land, here are a few important aspects to consider.

The Design

You may already have a good idea how you would like your dream home to be, or you might be open to suggestions; either way, you should enlist the help of an experienced architect. This kind of a project would be ideal for a semi-retired architect, or failing that, there are specialist builders such as Hampton Homes in Brisbane who also offer design services, which eliminates the need for sourcing an independent architect.

Think Smart

By using cutting edge technology in your build, your home will be very energy efficient, and by choosing the right materials, home maintenance can be kept to a minimum. Solar power technology has reached the point where it is a wise investment to install an independent solar energy system, which means you no longer need the national power grid, and after a few years, you reclaim the initial investment as you no longer have expensive fuel bills to pay every quarter.

Quality Materials

Ask any established builder and they will happily confirm that using the best quality materials will give you the best value for money. Natural materials like marble, granite and seasoned hardwood can all be used in the construction, and while it won’t be the cheapest way to build the home, it will last for many years. Composites can also play a valuable role is ensuring that home maintenance is reduced, and by discussing this with your chosen builder, you can make an informed decision about what materials to use.

Sourcing the Builder

As mentioned above, there are builders that offer free design services, and by choosing a building company that has won several awards and is a member of building federations and associations, you can be sure of the best quality workmanship. Prior to coming to any decisions regarding the builder, you should ask to view a few of their previous projects, which will also give you the opportunity to talk to the homeowners about the service they received. The builder would also handle planning permission on your behalf, which can seem quite daunting without professional help, and they can also arrange for utilities to be connected.

All Inclusive Price

Once the details have been agreed, the builder can quote you a price for the project, which should be an all-inclusive price, regardless of any issues that might arise. You should also expect a long warranty on both materials and workmanship, which will give you peace of mind, and when the work is completed, you will be invited to inspect the property, which is a chance to pint out any minor issues there might be.

Designing and building your dream home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and by taking the above points into account, your dream home will exceed expectations.

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