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A Guide to Painting & Decorating your Interior

If you have the DIY bug and are about to attempt your very first painting & decorating project, there are a few important aspects to consider. Ask any of the painters & decorators in Stirlingshire and they will tell you it is all about preparation and organisation, and providing you have the right tools & equipment, and a firm plan of action, everything should go according to plan.

The Right Tools & Equipment

A tradesman is only as good as the tools he uses, and if you are about to decorate a room, you should have the following:

  • Sturdy set of stepladders
  • Paintbrushes, pots and roller
  • Filler
  • Scrapers and pointing trowels
  • Clean rags
  • Cutters & scissors
  • Glass paper of varying grades

Other items to source include paint pots and brushes for cleaning and applying wallpaper, and with everything on hand, you are ready to begin.

Substrate Preparation

Prior to applying anything, the walls must first be prepared, which would involve filling any holes and scraping away and bumps. Once the filler is set, sand the area down and clean in thoroughly with a dry brush and don’t paint until the dust has settled.

Start at the Top

The ceiling would be the first thing to prepare, and after removing or covering furniture, you can paint the ceiling with a roller, while cutting in the edges with a brush. Work methodically and clean up as you go, otherwise you might end up with a real mess, and think about what you are about to do.

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