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Affordable Home Improvements That Offer the Best Return on Investment

Every decade or so, many people feel the need to upgrade their homes. A full-on remodeling project is no doubt expensive and out of reach for many homeowners. The good news is there are a few relatively minor improvements that you can make around the house to improve aesthetics and get a good return on your investment. The best part is you don’t have to break bank to achieve your ideal home. below are a few affordable home improvements that provide the best return on investment.

Minor Bathroom Remodeling

You can start with replacing the vanity, sink, toilet, floor, tub and surrounding tiling. The major cost here may be a new tub which you can still get around. Simply re-glaze and re-caulk the tub to bring it back to mint condition. The timing is also perfect to remove the old wall paper or paint and get a modern replacement. Fix the damaged walls and you have a bathroom as good as new.

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Minor Kitchen Remodel

Just like with your bathroom upgrade, you don’t have to tear everything down and start a fresh. This option is perfect if you are simply looking for an aesthetic update rather than changing the room’s floor plan.

Start with re-facing the kitchen drawers and cabinets. Next, install a new cooktop, wall oven, resilient flooring, laminate countertops and a new sink and fixtures. These new updates are great if you haven’t done any major kitchen upgrades for the past decade or more.

Work on Landscaping

Curb appeal is just as important as the improvements you make inside the home. Install new sod and a few new plants depending on the size of your yard. It may be worth working with a landscaper to map out the best improvements on your yard. Consider adding a few multi-colored and bright pants with various heights for maximum aesthetic impact.

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Attic Conversion

If you have always wanted an extra bedroom for your guests or library, an attic conversion might be the solution to your problems. It is definitely cheaper than a home extension or new construction. There are a few essentials you need to remember because of the nature of attics. Ensure that there is a foil vapor barrier and insulation to manage utility bills. You may also need to add an extra HVAC unit just for your attic if the current installation can’t handle the new room.

These minor renovations offer upward of 90 percent in ROI. Apart from enjoying an updated home, you should see a significant rise in the asking price should you decide to sell your home.

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