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Beautiful Interior Home Decorating Ideas with Canvas Prints

The killer thing about the advent of the canvas print is that now we have the technology to make canvas prints out of almost any photo out there. If you don’t already know, you can now take photos and have them printed onto actual canvases instead of getting them framed. That means you can create an unending variety of statement pieces regardless of your tastes. Also, if you’re committed to having an artistic print in your home, you’ve probably shopped around enough to find out that they can cost a pretty penny. But different online canvas printing companies have sprung up to make it possible for you create your own high-quality pieces for a fraction of the cost and more personal input.

Family Portraits

Placing your family portraits on canvas prints is a way to give your family the luxe presentation they deserve. If you’re going to go to the work of having an actual photo shoot, you might as well go for the gold and display the results in the best way possible. Less expensive (and easier to hang) than traditional framing, a canvas print offers you a way to showcase your family members in a more modern way for less money.

Nature Prints

If you have a reasonably good camera (or an iPhone), you can skip looking at expensive nature prints or posters by your favorite photographers that also require framing. Go on a hike, find some shots you’d want to look at every day and snap away. If you have a big enough digital file, you can put your own wildlife photos onto a canvas print and make everyone think you’re related to Ansel Adams. Plus, if you have a small space, decorating it with a floor-to-ceiling print of the great outdoors is far less expensive than putting in a window.

DIY Kids Art

Lots of parents have had their kids’ art framed and used it for actual interior decor. It’s a lovely idea, both sentimental and attractive. It makes your kids feel special, and it’s nice to look at a wall that evokes memories, but without traditional photographs. With the magic of Photoshop, you can scan your kids’ art into the program, make cool mash-ups of several different pieces and have that put onto a canvas print. It’ll save you money on framing, and plus you might come up with some really neat arrangements you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Make Your Home Office Your Gallery

If you’re a graphic designer or perhaps an illustrator of some kind, canvas prints could allow you to make your home office or living room your own personal gallery. If you regularly take client meetings in your home, what could be better than having your own work on display in a sophisticated way? If you can source the best canvas printing for the lowest cost, you could probably invest in a few pieces to impress clients visiting your “office.” It’s also probably a decent way to inspire yourself to keep working hard. There’s something about seeing your own work on canvas that provides with a sense of legitimacy. Canvas HQ, one of the leading online canvas printing sources has an entire section of their website devoted to this kind of thing, so check there if you need ideas.

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