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All you need to know about Exploration Diamond Drilling

Exploration diamond drilling is considered as a process of drilling development. It is used in the mining sector to probe the materials of prominent and natural deposits and potential plots. It helps geologists to analyze the characteristics of core rock by withdrawing a small sphere & diameter from the orebody of rocks.

The procedure of exploration diamond drilling is totally different from other grilling processes. In this procedure, the solid core is inserted from depth, for the examination and critical observation of ore body and surface. Professional geologists prefer to use this process in order to get a perfect conclusion related to an examination of the core surface through chemical assay and to conduct a structural and petrologic analysis of rocks.

Diamond Drilling Structure

The terminologies of diamond drilling come from ‘diamond bit’ which is used to examine orebodies in the depth of the surface. This drill bit is produced by a group of industry-grade micro diamonds fixed into a soft metallic matrix. It is linked to the drilling rod which estimated length is 10 feet. Most of the section of the drilling pipe is attached to the top of the rod that allows its to drill and measure the depth of the surface as much as required. Therefore, these rods are mounted to the top of the pipe in order to examine the depth. The core tube is attached to the cable by the mechanism of the latching process. This is usually done lift the core tube to the orebody through cable and to remove the solid core.

Diamond Drilling Procedure

Through the diamond drilling process, solid core surfaces are extracted and distilled from their depth. The actual diamond bit is majorly used as a key technique in this diamond drilling procedure. it is comprised of the industrial diamond set when diamonds get scattered throughout the soft metallic matrix. The diamond bit is fixed on the top of the core barrel which is linked directly to the edge of drill. This edge is connected to the rotary drill. When the water is inserted to the drill pipe in order to wash out the rock cutting activities done by the diamond drill bit. It also helps to reduce and control the heat caused due to high friction.

Core Extraction of Drilling Process

Exploration drilling can be considered as a mandatory step before starting drilling development processes. It should take place to obtain actual mineral finding, temperature measurement, orebody samples and retrieved fluid samples for chemical observation. Sometimes, using advanced drilling procedure by rotary action make the core extracted into the barrel. It is not possible to withdraw the entire drill pipe into the surface constantly, so this method was developed to retrieve the core inside the barrel effectively.

Rotary & Wireline Drilling

The diamond drilling process can be segregated into two major drilling activities, first; rotary drilling and second is wireline drilling. Rotary Diamond drilling is majorly used to hole drilling, on the other hand, wireline drilling is used for solid surface sampling.

In wireline diamond drilling activities, five primary tube sizes are associated:

Ø AQ (Hole Diameter: 48 MM) frequently used

Ø BQ (60 MM)

Ø NQ (75.5 MM)

Ø HQ (96 MM)

Ø PQ (122.6 MM)

Environmental Mitigation Measurement Requirement

Exploratory drilling procedures always requires a small piece of land in order to complete the drilling activities. In the sensitive areas such as special economic zone, rain forest or endangered creature and species habitats requires proper care and precautions on time before diamond drilling process could be commenced. It is necessary because a small amount of noise could disturb native species while deforestation activities. The exploration drilling process should be considered more vulnerable and risky to degradation and at the time of contamination by linking aquifers at different levels and permitting groundwater to enter into the aquifers. The methods of Wetlands & waterways are likely to be exploratory drilling until preventive steps are taken. Knowledge and understanding of hydrogeology should be taken place before considering exploratory drilling activities.

When approaching an authenticated and perfect drill dig activity, proper care and precautions are must be taken by drillers before getting into the work drill area. These days, diamond drilling is considering as a primary exploration technique. The conditions in which they are utilized and carried forward are very harsh and complex. So an effective cure should be done whilst in the atmosphere.

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