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An Overview of Eco-Friendly Mattress and its Health Benefits to Users

It is critical to think about living a lifestyle free of chemicals and harmful materials. By doing so, you will significantly improve your health. On the contrary, there are numerous products on the market, and it is critical to choose an eco-friendly brand. We should do everything we can to protect our loved ones and the environment from harm.

With innovation and advancement of technology taking over the world of business, the queen foam mattress is also reinventing its products. This is in the quest of having environmentally friendly products for their customers to enjoy their sleep.

Synthetic vs Eco-Friendly Mattresses

Petroleum is the main component that consists of synthetic materials for manufacturing mattresses. These products are harmful to people using without them knowing. It is common for such people to experience irritation to the nose, eyes, or throat. Other effects include headaches and nausea. If the conditions become chronic, they can cause damage to a person’s central nervous system, kidney and liver.

On the contrary, organic mattresses are eco-friendly and beneficial to users. Here are some characteristics of eco-friendly mattresses;

  • The manufacturing process; the materials used to manufacture undergoes the growing process. Eco-friendly products will not use chemicals that may harm the environment or living things. When pesticides enter the eco-system, they pose significant threats as they can easily mix with water and air in the surrounding. Pollution is also harmful to human health.
  • Raw material; they differ in their resistance to particles and molding. Organic materials like latex are versatile and more eco-friendly than conventional ones. It resists dust that may cause allergies for users. The breathability of the raw material reduces the chances of molds due to moisture accumulation in the spaces.
  • Durability; the longer a mattress exists, the better it is in reducing wastage in future. Many people dispose of mattresses every day, and it is critical to eliminate the trend as it degrades the environment.
  • Conservation efforts; businesses have an obligation of making their society a better place. It involves efforts for environmental conservation and giving back. Consider mattress manufacturers who take the initiative of having eco-friendly products.

Finding the Right Product

Since no government licenses are showing eco-friendly products, it can be difficult for a buyer to know the standards of what he/she is purchasing. It is common to find the words ‘green and natural’ on mattresses, but there are limited ways to authenticate the statement. However, a person needs to go further and seek more information about the product. A company that explains its manufacturing process and the raw materials are the best one to consider. Also, check for any certifications by private organizations.


Several toxins may arise from surfaces of mattresses we sleep on. The components affect our health as we inhale them and cause allergic reactions after coming into contact with the body. Undertake adequate research on the mattress you want to purchase to help you find an eco-friendly product.

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