Why You Need To Purify Tap Water Before Drinking It

Tap water is a basic part of every household. You need it to cook, bathe, and clean your house, among other things. Some even drink it because they know it’s perfectly healthy. After all, governments have legislation that prohibits water companies from supplying tap water that doesn’t meet specific standards, right? 

While it’s true that governments regulate the tap water supplied to your house, they have some harmful chemicals that may endanger your life. The chemicals in your faucets, pipes, and other equipment also react with the water, making it unsafe for consumption. So to ensure that your family is healthy, you need to install a purifier like a chilled water filter to clean your water.

Here are some reasons why you need to purify your tap water before drinking:

  • It May Expose You To Metal Poisoning

Heavy metals naturally occur in the earth and may seep into groundwater. If you consume them in a large quantity, it may cause health problems. Unfortunately, some traces of heavy metal are in tap water. This is especially common in areas with hard water. 

If such water has large amounts of heavy metals, it’ll poison you and your family. Some heavy metals you may find in tap water include iron, arsenic, lead, zinc, copper, cadmium, and mercury. 

Symptoms of hard metal poisoning include diarrhea, muscle cramps, nerve damage, and memory loss. If you add filters to the faucets you use daily, you’ll prevent these metals from reaching your glass. Installing a whole-house filter will also keep you safe from rust, sediments, and excess chlorine. 

  • It Can Cause Cancer

Some tap water contains chromium-6 that causes cancer. This metal is present in volcanic dust, soil, rocks, and some plants. When it leaks into water pipes, it’s a disaster. The EPA says that water with 0.1 mg/l of this metal may not be harmful. However, large quantities may expose you to cancer since chromium is a known carcinogen.

It’s hard to detect this metal in the water because it’s tasteless and odorless. But if you realize that your water is yellowish, that’s a sign of the potential presence of chromium. Don’t drink it or use it, but call your water company and ask them to come and test for the presence of chromium. In some cases, the yellowish tint may be a result of rusty pipes. 

  • It May Alter Your Kids’ Behaviour

If you’re living in a home that has been around for quite some time, chances are your water pipes are corroded. Lead that corrodes pipes seeps into tap water in small quantities. These small amounts are usually not harmful. But if you and your children are constantly exposed to it, you may begin noticing some symptoms. 

Children are more susceptible to the symptoms of lead poisoning than adults. You may notice them changing their behavior, having learning problems, or growing slowly. Lead poisoning has also been linked to a lower IQ. 

To prevent lead from poisoning your family, invest in new water pipes. If you’re working on a tight budget, flash the pipes with cold water before running the taps. Also, you should leave the water to run for sometime before using it. 

Summing Up

Tap water may be safe if it has law quantities of harmful metals. But if you continue being exposed to these contaminants, you and your family may have serious health problems. Installing filters in your water system can help to keep your water safe. 

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