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Best Types of Flooring Materials to Choose For Your Home

There is no other home decoration that can be frustrating as like the old, worn-out flooring. You can change the furniture, repaint your walls, add accessories as per your budget, you cannot replace the entire flooring of your home at a time, and it is time-consuming, hectic and costlier as you ever thought of. However, this does not indicate that you will leave the worn-out flooring like that forever. Home renovation is significant, and the most crucial part is to remodel or reconstruct the flooring. 

When you are planning to replace the floors of the home, there are several options available. But how to choose the best one? How to choose the best flooring for your home as per your budget? What will be the best variety of flooring that suits your home décor? Which flooring will last long? These questions will surely come in your mind when you are planning to replace and reinstall the flooring. Whether you opt for timber flooring in Perth or any other type, it is very important to know their utilities and features. Here in this blog, some common types of flooring explained-

  1.     Hardwood flooring

The hardwood flooring is available either in strips or in planks. The common type of timber used for making the hardwood flooring are oak and maple and some exotic varieties include Brazilian cherry and purple heart. The wooden floors look great and fit any style of home and decor. They are very long-lasting, and they help in increasing the resale value of the home. The timber floor is very easy to clean and easy to install. 

  1.     Ceramic flooring

The ceramic tile flooring is another common type of flooring used by homeowners in modern houses. They look great, and they are stylish in nature. Four main types of ceramic tiles are used- quarry tile, porcelain, glazed ceramic and the terracotta tiles. The tile flooring comes in several colours and designs. You can choose the tile flooring as per your needs and budget. The porcelain tile flooring is the best one as it is resistant to scratches. The tile floors are very hard in nature. 

  1.     Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is the type of resilient flooring, and it is the flexible material that provides the softer underfoot layer as compared to the rigid flooring or tiles. The vinyl floors are available in various forms, unroll, and they are cut in a definite size as per the need. Some vinyl flooring comes in peel-and-stick backing that makes it easily adjustable and fitted on the floors. Vinyl flooring is very tough in nature and resistant to high traffic. 

  1.     Bamboo flooring

This type of flooring gives a look and feel of the hardwood flooring. It is an eco-friendly alternative to the wooden floors. The bamboo flooring is available both in strips and engineered planks formats. It is tough and highly durable in nature. If you are looking for the best companies that offer bamboo flooring in Perth, choose a reputed supplier in the market. 

These are four popular types of flooring available. You should choose the one that fits your budget and interior decor.

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