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Knowing When It’s Time to Change Your Locks

Having good quality locks on your home is important, they keep you safe by securing your home and keeping out unauthorised people. Aside from protecting you and your family, they also ensure your belongings are secure when you aren’t in your property. If you need a locksmith in Salisbury for whatever reason, make sure you contact a reputable company in your area. Professional locksmiths don’t just help you out when you’ve lost your keys, they also offer an assortment of other services, some of which include:

  • Key cutting
  • Burglar alarm installation
  • Access control
  • Lock repairs
  • New locks

We don’t need to change the locks in our homes that often, but at certain times or after certain situations it is advisable to get rid of your old locks.

Poor Quality Locks

If your front door or back door has a substandard locking system, you should get a lock that meets British standards. A poor-quality lock can be easily tampered with, allowing intruders to get into your home and steal your belongings.

Lost Keys

Another good reason to change your locks is when you’ve lost your keys,. If someone has found them and knows what home they belong to, they could use them to gain access.

Moving into a new place

If you don’t change the locks on your new home, you leave your property vulnerable to break-ins.

Additional Reasons

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, you should change your locks after a break-in, following a divorce or separation, when the lock won’t function or when the lock has been badly damaged.

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