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Bring Life To A Dull Patio Using Stamped Concrete

There will be plenty of choices for people who want to install a new walkway, patio, or driveway. The two most popular choices among them are aggregate concrete and stamped concrete. Both options are good depending on the personal preference of the contractor or the owner.

The main reasons to make a choice among those two include the cost of the project, durability of the material, and its overall appearance. Depending on the above factors many people opt for stamped concrete patio in Dallas.

What is Stamped Concrete?

When the process of installing a new patio is done using Stamped concrete, it will give an exceptional look. Even the feel will be hard to compare with the remaining methods of installation.

If the surface of the patio is level and flat, the concrete which has to be laid out should also be the same way. Stamped concrete will be stronger and rods can be used to reinforce it even more.

In cases with pavers and cobbles they will allow weeds to grow through the cracks. This will not be seen if the patio is made using stamped concrete patio in Dallas.

Process of using stamped concrete for patio

It is complicated to use stamped concrete when compared to remaining methods. By following these steps and with the help of 5 people and a few special tools contractors can lay an easily stamped concrete patio in Dallas.

1. Place at least 100mm thick concrete and nothing less than this thickness.

2. Add the required color to the mixer.

3. Add the release agent which will help in removing texturizing mats without removing the concrete.

4. Lay the mats successively.

5. Leave them to dry for one whole day that means 24 hours.

6. Use pressure washing and remove the release agent.

7. Clear the sealing and that’s it. A stamped concrete patio is ready and it will be very attractive.

The big difference between aggregate and stamped concrete laying is that Stamped concrete can be done by anyone using the above steps whereas aggregate concrete laying should be done by pros for better results.

Benefits of Concrete Stamping for Patios:

● Stamped surfaces are appealing when compared to other methods. To make it more realistic it can be stained.

● As the surface will be textured, it is safer to walk or drive in making it slip-resistant.

● Stamping concrete can be used for old or new, indoor or outdoor surfaces, and for both residential as well as commercial locations.

● Maintenance along with cleaning is very easy in this case of these. And as discussed earlier there will not be any weed in between the grooves.

● If the installation and the sealing are done perfectly, they last more than 3 years and sometimes more than that.

● It is more affordable than many other flooring and paving options available.


The price of a basic stamped contract job for a square foot will be 8$ to 12$. But if additional projects are included then it can go up to 18$.

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