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Buying Guide for Bath Boards

Bath boards are bath aids for elderly users or disabled users that can assist them to step in and out of a bath and to have a bath whilst in a seated position.

Bath boards can be thought of as a bridge or a flat board that is kept on either end of a bathtub and allows the disabled user to transfer into the bath whilst in a seated position rather than having to lift their legs over the wall of a bathtub. The user can continue to remain seated on the board while washing themselves. 

Bath boards are essential for users who feel one of the following symptoms:

  • Dizziness or loss of balance
  • Weakness in the leg muscles or knee problems
  • Surgery especially in the lower half of the body for knee or hip replacement surgery

What to look for in a bath board?

  • The Type of Bath Board: There are three types of bath boards including one with a rubber stopper on either end that secure the bath board in place. The second option is a bath board with a clamp that can be used to secure the bath board to the bathtub wall. The last option is a screw that can be put inside the bath wall. The latter two options are considered more safer as they are securely fixed to the bathtub wall thus reducing the risk of the board tipping over.

  • The Measurement of the Bathtub: Bath boards come in different widths to suit a range of tubs. It is best you measure your bathtub first to ensure that you get the right size bath board that will suit your tubs measurements.

  • The Seating Texture: Bath boards can come in a smooth texture or a textured surface to provide a better grip to the user while using the bath board. It is important that the user feels comfortable on the bath board prior to purchasing it. It is best that the user tries the bath board by sitting on it.

  • The Shape of the Bathtub: Every bathtub has a different shape and if the tub’s sides are too curvy then it will cause problems for both boards with a rubber stopper. The rubber stopper works well if the bathtub sidewall is flat. So in cases like this, it is best that the user considers the screw fix or a clamped bath board.

  • The Thickness of the sidewall: A bath board relies on the sidewall of the tub to be secured in place and it is important that the wall is of one inch in thickness at least. So make sure you measure the outside wall of the bathtub prior to selecting and buying a bath board.

  • Other Functionalities: You can find bath boards with soap holders, handles and shower head holders. These features allow the user to feel more comfortable and safe while having a bath. So make sure you can get a bath board with some of this added functionalities built-in.

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