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Call us if you need a gas fitter in Fitzroy

While that statement may sound odd and throw you off initially, it is actually in reference to gas and plumbing services. Who are we?  We are Expert Gas Fitting and Plumbing Services and we are the premier unblocking blocked drains in Essendon. More on why we can say with confidence that we are the best in our industry below.

Who are we?

Before you go on a date, you want to know all about the person who will be accompanying you.  The same is true for plumbing services. After all, you are entrusting these plumbers to work on strategic areas of your most valuable investment and asset, your house!  We understand this and we have built the reputation of our plumbing company by only employing the best, most talented, experienced and knowledgeable licensed plumbers. These people are professionals who will install gas heaters or water heaters for you while meeting your and Australia’s leading specifications and requirements.

We guarantee the work of our plumbers by providing you with a compliance certificate once installation and fitting of the appliance is complete.

Why you should choose us…

”There are lots of plumbing services doing what your company does in Fitzroy. What makes your company special enough to make me want to pick you for my next plumbing job?”  Believe it or not, we get asked that question a lot by our customers. We tell them, ”You should choose us because of the outstanding work of our licensed plumbers and our talented customer service representatives.” You are not just another customer account for us who’s plumbing work is just ’another job!’

We see our customers as real people and we treat them accordingly. We incorporate the old and well-known adage ’the customer is king’ into our mission statement and design our objectives, strategy, and business policies and practices around it! The result is happy customers who provide us with good reviews where they say they feel as though they were treated like ’real people with real needs.’  We have a solid business built off of repeat customers and references. There not many companies which can stand by such a claim, but we do because it reflects the way we do business.

More about us

If you visit our website, click on the menu button and then on the about hyperlink, you will find a frequently asked questions section. We answer common plumbing questions our customers and people who visit our website have. Our visitors and customers alike appreciate the interactive and information of this section which they liken to a blog. It keeps them engaged with us and it makes them feel as though they are part of the family. This makes them eager to come to us for their plumbing needs.

So what are you waiting for?

Indeed so what are you waiting for?  Now that you know that we are the best plumbers in Fitzroy and surrounding regions, and that we actually care about your plumbing issues, why don’t you give us a call the next time you smell gas when you turn your stove on?

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