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Features to Consider when buying an Electric Water Heater

On a cold winter morning, only the thought of having a cold water bath after getting up from your warm bed will send a chilling feeling down your spine. In winters you always will prefer only hot water even to wash your hands or for a splash on your face.

Even in the pleasant weather, some people prefer having a hot water bath to freshen themselves. It becomes important for all the households to have an instant electric hot water system which is popularly known as geyser.

An instant electric hot water system is generally used for domestic purpose and hasa storage tank that comes in various capacities and offers instantaneous supply of hot water.

The system is connected to the inlet water pipe of cold water and after the water is heated, it comes through an outgoing pipe that delivers hot water to nozzles and the appliances.

Whether you want to install a new one, or remodel the old one or change the worn out geyser, you must consider the following factors to make it an effective deal that can fulfill your requirements:

  1. Capacity of the System: The capacity of the instant electric hot water system will depend on the consumption of hot water in your house. For a nuclear family, a system with small tank can work well but it will depend on the usage as well.

If you need water heater in the bathroom and kitchen, you can install a bigger unitwith more capacity that can handle the hot water requirements of both places.

Alternatively, you can install an individual unit in each room of smaller capacity to satisfy the hot water requirements.

  1. Quality of the System: Areas, which get hard water supply, need to pay extra attention while buying an instant electric hot water system.

Hard water tends to spoil the heating element, so this is one area where you have to pay special attention. Since hard water contains contents like magnesium and calcium, these elements can scale the geyser from inside.

It may lead to corrosion, decreased efficiency and the breaking down of the system. If water is hard in your area, then go for a system that is corrosion resistant, efficient and reliable.

  1. Safety: While most of the present water systems are safe, you must know the risks and all the safety features which are in-built in an instant electrichot water system. The timer in the hot water system stops heating the water after a certain time and this saves the system from blowing up even if it is not switched off early.
  2. Fuel Consumption: This is one of the most important features of an instant electric hot water system. You should go with the system which is energy efficient because you have little idea as to how much water consumption will be there.

The temperature of the water that goes in the heater also will be a factor to consume more electricity. The colder the area more will be the fuel requirement to heat the water.

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