Common Strains of Terpenes That Are Used in Edibles

Terpenes are compounds present in the cannabis plant that is responsible to give strains their specific flavour, aroma, and medical benefits. Terpenes are even found in natural food products like basil, pepper, mangoes, orange, and more. You will be shocked to uncover the number of terpene flavours between the sweet and savoury present in cannabis products. 

If you are a marijuana fan, you will easily differentiate terpene flavours. Let’s learn about specific terpene strains.

If you crave fruity flavour – berries!

Gelato and Cherry Pie are common berrylcious strains. Limonene terpene offers the citrusy, fruity aroma and taste to the strain. It helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. 

If you desire spicy flavour!

You desire to tantalize your senses. It means to want something with a little kick. Northern Lights and Jack Herer strains are popular for their distinctive flavour. No worries, you can manage it! Also, enjoy some ice cream or chips to neutralize the spicy taste. Caryophyllene terpene is liable for the wood-like, spicy, peppery flavour. Their antioxidant property treats muscle spasms and inflammation.

If you wish to visit a beach [mentally]!

Strains like Malawi Pineapple and Banana Kush will transport you mentally to a tropical beach vacation. Choose tropical fruits and seafood to enjoy a Hawaii beach feel. Linalool terpenes induce sedative and relaxing effects. 

If you yearn to get refreshed!

Orange terpenes citrusy flavours are most refreshing. Orange Tree and Jellybeans strains offer the orange flavour you yearn for. Terpene Limonene offers the sweet and sour distinctive flavour. They also add flavor to edibles along with potential medical benefits and recreational effects.

If you miss cheese!

Cheese is a dairy product that lactose-intolerant people can enjoy choosing strains like Ingrid. Enjoy the strain with light munchy snacks like cheese puffs or cheese popcorn. Terpene combinations like linalool, pinene, and caryophyllene are liable for the overpowering cheesiness in some strains. 

For the earthy flavours!

Strains like Jack Herer, Headband, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel offer earthy flavour. Enjoy these earthy flavours with veggies and fruits to feel connected with nature. Myrcene and Humulene terpenes are responsible for the earthy zest. Myrcene reveals herbal, musk, and clove aromas, while Humulene exhibits the woody & earthy taste.

Make your breath smell fresh!

Minty strains like Mint Chocolate Chip and Thin Mint Cookies will cool your mind and body. Pinene is responsible for the sweet and sharp aroma and taste. This revitalizing flavour inspires alertness and memory retention. 

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