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Customised Conservatories – The Future is Here

The rapid pace of technological development is never ending, and with new materials come new practices, something that is evident when you look at how home extensions have changed over just 50 years. In those days, the British homeowner had little choice than his local builder, who would come in and build a room on the side of the house. In the 1980s, the arrival of double glazing heralded a new era for the construction industry, and homeowner no longer had to pay for their valuable warmth to dissipate though the windows and doors, which is how things have always been. Double glazing can save up to 40% of your fuel bills, and slowly but surely, we began to see replacement windows everywhere.

A Glazed Extension

With Aluminium and uPVC, one can create just about any shape or size, and after the replacement window boom came and went, the glass conservatory began to emerge. For the first time, you could have additional living space with a 360 degree view of your garden, and with large patio doors that open onto the terrace, summers are like never before. The conservatory was born, and its biggest advantage was versatility. One could have anodised aluminium, or perhaps uPVC, and if you wanted traditional oak or hardwood, there are certain companies that do this. If you are looking at conservatories in Willenhall, for example, there is a family owned business that takes pride in creating a unique living space, and it is very affordable too.

Modern Units

While some contractors focus on building as many conservatories as they can, others are more focused on the process, and over the years, have developed a service that emphasises originality. Many people have a traditional looking residence, and white aluminium or uPVC would look very much out of place, and fortunately, there are companies that hand craft timber conservatories to the client’s specifications. Toughened safety glass means you can have as much open space as you wish, although most people prefer a combination of either brick or timber and glass, and with the focus on keeping in line with the character of the home, the finished design will certainly be the feature from now on.

Maximum Return on your Investment

While a top quality conservatory will not be cheap, it will significantly increase the value of the property. So much so, that in ten years’ time, the value will far exceed what you paid to have it built. Not only that, you and your family have enjoyed the additional space all that time, which does make it a wise investment.

Perfectly Insulated

Double glazing means winter comfort, and on those chilly January mornings, you can enjoy the garden while sitting in your warm and comfortable living space. Such is the quality of modern double glazed units that there is virtually no heat loss, and condensation is a thing of the past with thermally broken frames. The concrete base can also be insulated, which can really make a difference to your winter fuel bills, and with a made to measure application, any design can be incorporated.

If you want the most from your conservatory, find a local company that puts client satisfaction above everything else, and with their expertise, the final design will be everything you hoped, and a little more.

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