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Dangers of Having Rodents in the Attic

Whenever temperature drops and food for pests become scarce, your house can stand out like a unique beacon for mice and rats. A recent survey estimated that 21 million houses are infested by rodents every year. Unfortunately, many property owners are unaware of the severe dangers that mice and rats tend to bring with them. 

Most rodent exterminators around Wentzville can tell you the main reasons you cannot afford to have rodents invading your house, especially during the winter. Some of these reasons include:

Rodent transmits diseases

One of the most significant dangers posed by rodents comes from the diseases they carry and spread. When mice and rats make a nest in your house, the buildup of droppings and urine can spread infections throughout the house. This can be compounded by the decaying organic material formed when these creatures die. Keep in mind that rodents love different food items, and they can also contaminate the foods they come in contact with.

A report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that rodents play host to various dangerous and even deadly diseases to humans. These infections are directly transmitted by rodents, and they include salmonella, rat-bite fever, hantavirus, bubonic plague, and leptospirosis.

To keep your house from being a vector for these severe diseases, it is in your best interest to keep rodents out.

Rodents can cause allergies

Accumulating scientific evidence has established a link between rodents and various allergic reactions. For example, getting into contact with a rodent can trigger an asthma attack. Other studies have revealed a link between rodent exposure and severe asthma symptoms.

Rodent droppings, urine, and hair contain some chemicals that could cause allergic reactions in people. Whenever rodents invade your home, their urine and droppings are inevitable. That means everyone living under your roof is at risk of developing the various allergic reactions associated with these droppings.

Rodents can cause physical damage to your house

Mice and rats have powerful teeth that don’t stop growing. This could be the main reason they constantly gnaw on nearly anything they can find just to keep their teeth shaved down to the right size. These small creatures can damage your home’s furniture, walls, doors, and more. In the attic, rodents can tear up paper, insulation, and cardboard boxes that they use as nesting.

More rodents have dirt and oil on their coats. This can leave damage grease marks on nearly anything that they rub against, such as siding and walls. They also leave biological elements like droppings and urine. This can cause wood rot.


As mentioned earlier, rats and mice love to gnaw wood and electrical wires. The latter is a huge contributor to property fires across the country. In fact, exposed wires associated with mice or rat infestations account for about 20% of property fires in the United States every year.

Given these four dangers caused by the presence of rodents in your home, it is essential to hire a rodent exterminator and keep your property safe.

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