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Dinner Party: The Ultimate Checklist

Do you often have dinner parties with your friends? If so, this article might be exactly what you are looking for! Dinner parties are a fabulous way to catch up with friends while enjoying some delicious food and treats, however, the excitement does dim slightly when it is your turn to host one. As well as needing to impress our guests with the food and drink situation, we also have the ‘good first impression’ ideal hanging over our heads. Do not fear! Keep reading this ultimate dinner party checklist for some inspiration.

Send invites

Firstly, your turn hosting doesn’t have to be that difficult, but you do have to nail the planning aspect of the event. When it comes to choosing a day and time, ideally, you have to make sure that this time is suitable for your friends or family. Try to stray away from making it a Monday or Tuesday evening affair as this won’t be enjoyed as much as a weekend. Instead, opt-in for a Friday or Saturday where you know your guests will enjoy themselves more and no one has the 9 am worry hanging over their heads for the next morning.

It is also worth noting that you need to be mindful of your guests’ circumstances; for example, some of them might be using a sitter service and paying to have their kids looked after. To ensure you show your guests you appreciate this, we recommend sending out a pre-invite just to get some ideas of free time.

Choose your menu

Oh, the dreaded menu. There are so many ways this could go badly, but it is best to stay confident in the process. Before you work up a menu, it’s important that you check for allergies and dietary requirements – this will set you up in good stead for the event. When choosing what foods to make, you can rely on your own recipes or rely on that trusty cookbook that’s been lying on the shelf since last Christmas. Small portions and finger food are a great shout, but if you really want to impress your guests, make the effort and deliver a stunning three-course meal!

Spruce up your interior

Finally, one of the best ways you can impress your guests when having them over for a meal is to spruce up your interior. This might mean purchasing some hand-crafted rattan table mats or a new feature for the middle of the dining room table. Either way, it’s important to ensure your guests are comfortable. Adding in a little bit of spice where interior décor is concerned, you’ll be on the way to wowing them! Candles are a good shout for setting some ambiance or some luxury lighting to impress your guests.

Final thoughts

When hosting a dinner party, the night is all about you. If you’ve attended one before, you know how much you’ve judged peoples’ interiors. So, you should consider following through with this mindset when it comes to your big night!

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