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Do I need A Project Manager For Home Extensions?

Possessing skills on how to manage a project or renovation is an effective way to minimise costs when you have a limited budget but will demand a lot of responsibility. So, what is involved in managing a home extension?

A project manager whose skills match your project will help you save on costs, stress as well as time. This article is meant to provide you with expert tips on what you need to consider when choosing the most qualified person for your project.

According to the latest survey by the project management company CLPM in the United Kingdom, 90 per cent of the buildings which are not subjected to proper management end up costing more than twenty per cent of the actual project figure. For instance, if the actual cost for an extension or refurbishment is on £150,000 you could end up spending £30,0000 more to cater for additional costs.

The Roles of a Project Manager

One of the tasks of the project manager is to determine the budget for the entire project. An extension cost estimate can provide you with an approximate of the actual figure you should expend to spend when renovating or extending your home. They will be helpful when working out your budget.

The role of the project manager is to take your drawings and select the fixtures as well as the finishes and to deliver a complete home as per your demands and within the time frame and the set budget. This will relieve you from stress and headaches associated with the management of the home improvement project. By assigning the manager the managerial duties, you will only be left with a few responsibilities such as choosing the look and paying the expenses related to the project.

Make use of an extension planner as it will help you to keep your renovation or extension project to schedule.

Apart from assuming the responsibility of the build, they should supervise the contractors, subcontractors and at the same time handling concerns with the local authority planners, building control health and safety as well as the utility companies.

For huge projects whose agreements are put in writing, they may assume the role of a contractor administrator or have the authority to appoint an independent professional who is highly qualified for this job.

The project manager is also tasked with overseeing other design teams and all the other professional consultants taking part in the projects such as the structural engineers, archaeologists, historic building specialists, tree consultant as well as the ecologists.

Do all Projects Require a Project Manager?

The coordination of the extensions, loft extensions, and internal alterations are the responsibilities of the main contractor in the management of any building.

Nevertheless, hiring an independent project manager is not a requirement since you can opt to assume the responsibilities by yourself, with the architectural designer in the ground offering advice as well as the design as required.

For huge or complex improvements, the responsibilities of both the project manager and contract administrator are handled by the lead architect, with the help of a quantity surveyor in offering the interim valuations for the work that has been completed.

This will be perfect for you if you don’t have enough time or knowledge and want to task the professionals with the job.

Most of the project management services are provided by the professionals ranging from other disciplines such as the chartered building surveyors, quantity surveyors, members of the Chartered Institute of Building and Architectural Technocrats and even designers who have specialised with interiors.

There are project managers who offer construction services, supervising the organisation of the work in the workplace on behalf of the main contractor.

In such a case, they are tasked with the responsibility for laying down the building schedule and overseeing the budget as well as the cash flow. They usually take part in recruiting and overseeing the contractors as well as the supply of materials, plant and tools.







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