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Double Bathroom Vanities

Double vanities for small bathrooms can greatly enhance the functionality of your bathroom, and the resale value of your house. A single bathroom featuring only a double vanity unit can often comfortably accommodate multiple users and all of their bathroom accessories, which makes the bathroom much easier to utilize and more efficient. There are several approaches to a double bathroom vanity set-up, but the main consideration revolves around whether you prefer the double sinks to be an attached set-up, or two separate units. Attached or detachable, both double bathroom vanities are beneficial because they can work seamlessly together and complement each other.

Most homeowners select the attached option for their double, modern bathroom vanity due to the ability to easily see the double vanity mirrors. The added benefit of being able to reach both sides of the mirror is also a plus. The detached option has limited reach and may make it difficult to access the mirrors behind the countertop. In the attached setting, all the mirrors can be reached easily from the countertop itself, eliminating back strain and stress on the backs of individuals using them.

Bathroom countertops are typically placed over a sink, creating a small enclosed area. While a great feature for many bathrooms, some people don’t like the confined feel of having a countertop above their vanity sink. If this is the case for you, there are several solutions to your problem. One solution is to place two floating vanity mirrors on either side of the countertop, allowing the double vanity to sit atop the vanity sink. These floating mirrors add depth and dimension to the bathroom and also add functionality by providing mirrors for use when shampooing and rinsing, or as a dressing mirror.

Vessel sinks are another option for your double bathroom vanity. These sinks are similar to a traditional sink, except they have the appearance of a bowl that is suspended over a countertop. These sinks are commonly made of glass and plastic, and there are a wide variety of styles and colors available. Some countertops are designed to be easily fitted with these sinks, saving the homeowner with the cost of installing a second countertop. Many people choose to go with a clear laminate countertop for added visibility and privacy, and white, stainless steel, or bronze vessels provide a clean, modern look.

One drawback of a double vanity is that it does not offer the same storage options as larger sinks do. In most cases, one can only hang bar-shaped or bar-style cabinets on the top half of the counter. This limited storage space can negatively impact the design of a double vanity, especially in larger bathrooms. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions that will allow users to utilize all the space under the counter.

One popular solution for a small bathroom is to install a vanity that sits atop a pedestal sink. Pedestal vanities sit atop standard countertops and are easy to use for storing items and for adding decorative touches to the bathroom. Most models also feature open shelves for storage of towels and other items. Modern bathroom vanity such as a vessel sink can make a significant difference in the amount of space that are available, as well as in the style and decor of the bathroom.

For even more space and functionality, many bathroom double vanities include a floating vanity. Floating bathroom double vanity allows users to move the sink around to add or remove bathroom necessities as needed. A floating vanity is especially useful for those who are frequently moving from one room to another, or for those who enjoy the convenience of a bathroom double vanity that offers easy mobility. Floating vanities sit atop a counter, making them ideal for small bathrooms.

There are also double bathroom vanities available that sit on the floor. These vanities are great for those who wish to save counter space, as well as for those who wish to have a vanity in the bathroom but who do not want the sink attached to the vanity. Bathroom double vanities that sit on the floor are ideal for tight spaces and for the ease of mobility. Additionally, these vanities offer a unique way to display items and to hide unwanted clutter from view. For homeowners interested in adding a double vanity to their bathroom, there are a variety of styles and prices available. For a beautiful, custom vanity, a local bathroom specialist is a great resource.

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