Five Ways to Spot a Mouse Infestation

In cold winter months, mice will do whatever they must to survive even if that means gnawing their way into homes. At first, a mouse infestation might not be obvious but soon it will be impossible to ignore. Below, we’ve gathered five ways to spot a mouse infestation.

Look for Rodent Droppings

Rodent droppings are an easy way to tell that there’s a problem. Droppings will appear in:

  • Rodent runways
  • Hidden in drawers
  • In cupboards

Get Rid of Mice Bedding

Just as birds do, mice create nests. If an oddly placed pile of shredded paper or other fabric suddenly shows up, it might be a mouse nest. Get rid of the nest and check back often for more evidence.

Look for Gnawing and Chewing Marks

Mice will chew and gnaw on anything. If suspicious chew marks on plastic packages or cardboard boxes suddenly show up, there’s probably a mouse problem brewing.

Odd Pet Behaviour

Dogs and cats have better hearing than humans. If pets suddenly behave oddly and run to a particular area of the home, especially kitchen cabinets or rubbish cans, it’s important to take notice. Mice make scampering noises that pets pick up on before their owners do.

Holes in Walls or Foundation

The last sign of a mouse infestation is holes in walls or around the foundation. As mentioned above, mice are destructive creatures with serious survival instincts. Even the tiniest crack can be a welcome sign to these little critters.

How to Get Rid of a Mouse Infestation

If a homeowner suspects that he or she is sharing his or her home with mice, it’s a good idea to contact experienced pest control services in Chelmsford. Pest control experts will know exactly how to correct a problem and prevent reinfestation.

Keep your home mouse-free by knowing what to look for and contacting the services of professionals who can help you maintain a healthy living space.



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