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Fixing Latches and Admiring Beautiful Windows

We’re celebrating our third year in our home this fall. My wife and I moved into our home after living in an apartment. We were excited to have something that was our own. We spent too much of our own money making our old apartment look better, and at the end of the day, it wasn’t even our space to own. We’re so happy to finally feel like we’re making worthwhile investments when we improve our space. We enjoy making improvements on our own, but there have certainly been some instances when it has helped immensely to have the guidance and skill of a professional contractor.

The first thing we noticed when we bought the home was that the windows looks like they needed to be replaced. Some of the windows were able to be salvaged, but most of them needed to be taken out and replaced with new glass. There were a few instances of some of the hardware on the windows being broken or missing. The upstairs study windows are a good example of a set of windows we were able to salvage. These windows were missing the latches that keeps windows closed and secure. The old owners must have forgot to replace the latches because these windows are incredibly high up from the ground level that anyone attempting to enter them needs a ladder. However, we were able to replace the latches anyway just to be on the safe side of things.

The number of beautiful windows on the home was certainly a selling feature when we looked at it. As I mentioned, we knew that many of the windows needed to be replaced because the glass was old and worn, but some of the windows retained their luster. The casement windows for the kitchen area are a great example of the illustrious choices of the builders. We love how these windows open on a hinge. We also enjoy the windows in the sunroom, but they needed to be treated, so we called a company like sunroom window treatments murrells inlet sc to help us with that specific request. We didn’t know how to perform treatments ourselves, so we thought it was a better idea to bring in a professional who knows more than we do about treating windows.

Our home is looking spectacular. We have made all of the changes to the windows that we need to make in the foreseeable future. Our windows have safety features installed to give us peace of mind when we go to bed at night. In addition to the safety features, we have some of the most beautiful windows in our neighborhood. Our home stands out among all the beautiful storybook cottages in our little neighborhood. It’s a quaint place to start a family, and we look forward to filling this little brick home with fond memories and a few children over the years. We’re glad we made the changes we made when we arrived so we can enjoy them for many years.

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