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How To Ensure Well Water is Safe For Drinking

There are services available for testing well water. For anyone who owns a well or thinking of building a well, it is the responsibility of the good owner to test the water. There are companies available to test the water after construction is complete or existing well. The main reason to test the water to ensure it is safe to drink. There are more than 15 million people who have access to a private well. Many people choose to use well water because they consider it safer to drink than water found in most cities. Testing is important so it should never be overlooked.

The Purity Of Well Water Can Be Altered

A water well testing reno nv can easily reveal the quality of the water. It can reveal what pollutants have to change the purity of the water. A company will be able to test for certain contaminants and other things to ensure the water is safe. The cost of a test is not expensive, and the results of the test are worth spending the money to know what is in the well water. Well water can be influenced by:

  • Pesticides and farming practices
    • Industrial pollution alters the purity
    • Improper or malfunctioning sewage system
    • Heavy metal can contaminate well waterWell water should be checked annually. Most test will reveal if the water has been polluted with pesticides. When there is a lot of farming activity that includes runoff from animals being fed, it can hurt the quality of the water. When a well is near any industrial activity, the water can be at risk of being contaminated by volatile organic compound. A test can reveal if well water has been contaminated by a sewage system. Pollution can be caused when the septic tanks are too close to the well. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, septic should be at least 50 feet away from a well. Testing will reveal any heavy metals in the water. Heavy metal can contaminate water when there is mining activity happening in the area.

    Options To Consider For Testing Water

Many people may choose to test the water themselves. A water testing kit can be purchased, and the pricing can vary greatly. The testing kits can be found and a few hardware stores. The kits may only detect certain pollutants. There are several companies licensed to test the water. They are trained professionals, and they will provide a thorough test than kit purchased at the local hardware store. Accredited labs will conduct testing. There are testing contractors who will help determine what is in the water. Most states will require companies to be certified in conducting a certain water test. When selecting a company, it important to only use companies who have certification. The ideal time to conduct testing would be after flooding or any notice of change in water quality. The water could taste different or have an odor would be a good enough reason to conduct a test. A person could check with the local health department to understand what has been found in the local water supply.

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