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Points of Style: Entertaining Guests

Our family enjoys the finer points of entertaining guests during the summer, so we absolutely had to upgrade our outdated porch. The porch that was on our home wasn’t one to be proud of. It was an old stone porch with cement between the stones, and that cement was coming undone because of how old that porch was, so we had to do something about it. We wanted to return to our usual ways of life that includes entertaining guests and enjoying the finer points of life. Our neighbors had no idea what to expect of our parties when we first moved into town.

Our parties are always the craziest ones on the block. We have cars lined up all around the streets to see what goes on behind our home. Our old home had a fireplace out back, and the yard was fenced in nicely with a privacy fence that nobody could see through. It was a quaint house, but we really used that backyard for our parties. We lined the fence with streamers if it was someone’s birthday, and we made use of the pool on most hot summer evenings as well. There was plenty of room for the kids to play, and I ended up putting in a few gardens of vegetables myself.

Not much vegetables grew in those gardens because people were always stomping on them when they walked through my backyard. That home and garden area was a popular destination for most of our friends. We tried putting a fence around the garden to keep people from walking through it, but one man actually tripped over the chicken wire fence and hurt his leg. We decided that the gardens wouldn’t grow if we remained popular.

At the new house we’ve done better sectioning off the garden area from the rest of the yard. Kids play tag and football in the open area. People sit near the grill and eat. The garden is sectioned off in another area. We’ve had many compliments after visiting a patios st louis mo pro for our new back porch patio. We took pictures of the way the old one looked, and we often show people when they come over to enjoy barbecue with us. It’s quite a difference between the old patio and the new patio. The new one makes the old porch look like something from back in the stone age.

Our new additions to our home have helped us grow more comfortable with our neighbors as well. The neighbors don’t mind us throwing big parties if we invite them to the party. They like to come to our homes and be introduced to every one of our guests like they are royalty. We sit back on the new porch to enjoy food, fun and friendship. Our family moved to a new home, but it doesn’t feel like we left our old neighborhood. Thanks to the parties, it feels like our family just got bigger when we moved to this neighborhood.

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