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Furniture Removal is Possible Without Your Lift of Finger

Moving house is one of the most significant life stress-causing things in the world. When you are moving to a new home, you take all your personal belonging with you. But what about your furniture? Will you leave behind those? Ok, that’s not possible. We know that moving furniture is a lot more difficult task than moving household items. The process of moving your furniture can be a rigid and complicated task. It also can consume a lot of time and effort. The entire process will be very stressful as you have to deal with bulky furniture.

So if you are moving to a new location, for professional furniture removals and storage in Sydney – Nuss Removals can be your perfect solution. Hiring professionals who are experienced and specialized in furniture moving, is the best thing you can hope for. Established in 1892 by John George Nuss the company is still running successfully with the leadership of Robert Nuss. The company is serving their clients with a touch of satisfaction and quality. Nuss removal is also a founding member of Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). Which makes it more trustworthy among their customers?

If you hire one of those service providers, at first they will give you a free pre-move inspection. Experienced consultants will reach your home to provide you the most accurate quotation after going through your stuff. They will also discuss the date of your journey to provide you the smooth service during the move. Then next, they will dissemble all the furniture and wrap them in moving blankets to prevent breakage or damage. They will load the furniture on trucks in a very efficient way. This is not the end. When your furniture will reach your new location they will unload the truck and bring your furniture to your homeland they will assemble all the furniture.

Step by step the services are provided by furniture Removal Company:

  • Supplying packing material
  • Furniture disassembly
  • Packing up your furniture
  • Truck loading
  • Transporting to your new destination
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking
  • Assembling furniture
  • Disposal of packing materials

If your new is not ready yet, or you are travelling overseas, then many furniture removal companies have storage facilities of their own. All warehouses are waterproof and are equipped with all the facilities to keep your furniture and belongings in best condition. All the storage facilities use the latest technology and are totally secure. Storages have their specialized vehicles to bring the items directly from your residents. They provide 24/7 security monitoring for your belongings. They provide an in-home inspection to know the size, number of trucks and containers will be needed. Then the vehicle comes and your belongings get packed. All your items are numbered, listed and tagged, so that it doesn’t get lost. And finally your belongings are transported and stored safely in the highly secure storage facility.

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