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Garage Door Opener Repair And Care Tips

While a garage door apparently seems something that is easily constructed and simply repaired, in actual reality the opposite is true. If you take a closer look, you’ll see numerous components screwed up and bonded together to form that door; and with electric garage door openers, things get all the more complicated. Keeping in mind the level of complexity and importance of garage doors, we aim to comprehensively guide you through the different tips and tricks of garage door opener repairs and their care.

Heavy-weight: Because of their heavy weight it is difficult to lift and lower garage doors. But with some simple adjustments made you can easily solve this problem, before it gets serious. If your garage door is hooked up to an electric opener, then pull the lever of the opener mechanism and disconnect it from the door. Post-disconnection see if the door is working fine manually. If yes, then understand that there’s some problem with the opener. To get it resolved you can either consult the owner manual or get in touch with a garage door opener repair professional.

Door locks: Poorly aligned lock bar is very often a reason why garage door openers don’t function properly. Problematic garage door locks can easily be repaired by opening the screws, realigning the mechanism and tightening them as necessary and appropriate. Or if necessary call a garage door opener repairs professional and get it done.

Adjustment issues: Garage doors are large and heavy. Due to constant lifting and lowering of these doors, the moving parts tend to fall out of adjustment, which makes it harder to lift and lower the doors. Time-to-time inspection, lubricating the screws, hinges, springs and other moving parts, regular cleaning, and getting problems addressed as soon as they pop-up are some of the best ways to prevent your garage door openers from becoming stiff and keep all kinds of garage door opener repairs job at bay. Occasional adjustments made to track or tightening the loose screws, bolts and nuts do also help.

Saggy Doors: A one-piece swing-up door often tends to sag in the middle. To get it resolved call a garage door contractor. With metal strips or rods mounted across the door, this problem will get fixed.

Broken springs: Garage door are heavy to lift. It is not the door opener that does the work of lifting these heavy-weighted doors. The pressure is on the heavy-duty door springs. Due to constant lifting and lowering of garage doors, these springs lose the tension and stop working. It is difficult to adjust the same on your own. Call a garage door opener repair contractor to get it repaired.

Door finishing problems: If you have wooden garage doors, make sure that both sides are painted and stinted. Getting garage doors painted on the exterior to prevent harsh weather is a very common mistake made by most people. With the exteriors painted, the door gets distorted and starts peeling. So it is recommended to get both the exteriors and interiors painted initially after which you can do it once every two years.

Having offered these pointers, now you must be able to identify the problems and act accordingly to get the garage door opener repairs done without any further delay!

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