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Windows and doors in London – Why aluminum is a good material option for replacement

When the time comes to have your replacement windows in London, Ontario installed or have replacement doors and frames custom fit into your home, what options are right for you? Making sure you know what materials to consider, which companies can custom fabricate your door and window frames, and learning about the durability, design, and amount of work required for the job, is just a few aspects you are going to have to consider when doing this work in the home.

Why is aluminum a good option –
So you’ve made the decision to have replacement doors and new frames placed on the home. And the time has come for replacement windows in London, Ontario to be installed, to replace those dated, old square windows you have around the home. You’re now trying to choose a material base. Aluminum sounds like a good option. Some reasons to consider this metal base are:
1. It is extremely lightweight, pliable and maneuverable, yet durable.
2. It has a slim profile so it won’t “bulk” up an area.
3. It is very low maintenance and has narrow sight lines.

These windows and doors can also be configured into a wide array of combinations for any home. With a narrow frame, the focus is placed on the glass, and the excellent view it is going to offer. For indoor/outdoor living, multi-panel systems are also made using this material base, as it is low maintenance and can easily be customized to fit any space or frame.

Energy efficient –
Aluminum in and of itself is a material which doesn’t conduct heat and cold well. But, with improvements and new technologies in place, companies and contractors have developed thermally improved windows and doors made of aluminum. What this means for you as a homeowner is the simple fact that the new doors, windows, and frames, are more efficient. They are more capable of conducting heat and cool temperatures better. So whether it is warm during the summer, or cold during the winter, your home’s temperatures are better neutralized. In turn, this helps keep energy costs down, such as heating and cooling costs, and also ensures the home is going to feel comfortable, regardless of the time of year.

Aesthetically pleasing –
Aluminum is silver in colour, but there are new material bases, finishes, and designs which many manufacturers offer today, as well. So you can choose from a red base, satin finish, different colours, textures, and detail work when having your new doors and windows installed. Aluminum frames can also be chosen in anodized or baked finishes, for longer lasting colours and more durable finishes.

If you have made the decision to install new doors and windows in your home, aluminum is now a popular material, even though it was not in years past. With quality improvement, design improvements, and customized finishes available, more and more homeowners are working with contractors who install this kind of frame. Before going with a higher priced material, contact a local contractor who specializes in aluminum and can provide you with a quote detailing the variety, fabricated finishes and options, and fully customizable design work they can provide, when installing new windows and doors made of aluminum.

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