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Home Décor Done Right: The Why and the How

Home décor is one thing that will make you proud of your own designing skills and will make your own house a better and a beautiful place to live in. However, home décor does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money to make things look nice. It all depends on how smartly you play around with lighting, minutest details, colour contrasts, and art. This article will cover the benefits as well as a few tips on how you can get home décor done right.

The Why?

It Can Make Living in Your Home a Joy

How cool would it be living in a place that everyone admires and compliments? Yes, it is an outstanding feeling, and this can easily be achieved if you get your home décor done beautifully. The minute you enter your house, it will surround you and others with good vibes and make it a place where people would love to sit and chat for hours.

Increase Your Life Satisfaction

Your happiness begins from your home, the better your living standard is, the more satisfied you will be in life. A home that is well decorated and fabulously furnished will give you a sense of achievement and self-fulfilment.

Boost The Long-Term Resale Value

Having a well-set house will not only make people amazed, but it will also increase the chances of your house being sold at a higher price than its actually worth for. Everyone admires good work, and at any point in life, if you feel the need to sell your house, a well-decorated house will have a great resale value. You will be filled with joy for receiving extra money, just for how well maintained you kept your house. Thus, home décor that done right will boost the long-term resale value of the house.

The How?

Give The Interior a New Coat of Paint

Giving your living space a new look doesn’t mean you have to spend a million. All you need to do to change the outlook of the house completely is give the interior a new coat of paint. To level up things, you can play around with contrasting colours that brighten up the place. Modern colours schemes play a significant role in changing the entire aura of the place so keep that in mind when starting your interior painting project.

Buy Lovely Scented Candles

It is not essential to buy expensive decoration pieces to make your house look lovely. Getting the right scented candles will lift the mood of the place. Scented candles will also make the place smell good and will bring about a good feeling as soon as anyone enters.

Make The Bedroom a Sanctuary

A bedroom is one of the most significant parts of the house, and that needs to be designed to be the most peaceful and calm. Thus, your home decor should focus on making the bedroom cool and cosy.

Play With Mirrors and Natural Light

Mirrors have a positive effect on making a place look huge. Having mirrors around will lift the entire look and along with natural lighting will generate an enthusiastic mood that will give a very homely feeling.

Go bold in small spaces

In tight, confined spaces like bathrooms, bold decorations have an unmissable impact. They stand out more, and bring to life those spaces in your home that sometimes seem mundane.

Experimenting with patterns

Layering one pattern on top of another is an eye-catching, visually intriguing way of spicing up your interior, as any interior designer will tell you. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to play around with.

Group furniture items by colour

Struggling to find a way to make vintage and contemporary items go together? Group them by colour, and your living room will become instantly more appealing.

Walls are your canvas

Rather than just hanging artwork on hooks attached to the wall, be different – let the wall be the art. A creative, artistic wallpaper design is sure to give any room a new wow-factor, guaranteed to impress all the visitors.

Find the right contrast
Whether it’s new and old, budget and high-price, juxtaposing opposite items gives your home a sense of balance and a pleasing visual contrast that, if done right, is wonderfully refreshing.


Where possible, adding a colourful throw, pillow or anything else to an otherwise monochromatic room is an easy and cost-effective way of bringing it to life in an instant.

Paint it white

Contrary to the advice of Mick Jagger, painting a room, a wall, a floor or anything else white is often the best way of adding a light and airy feel, perfect for relaxing at home on a sunny day. Additionally, if you’re in a dilemma about what colour to paint your room, then white is a great fallback option.

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