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Top 4 Home Improvement Ideas To Spice Up Your Home This 2019

Home renovation projects are one of the sources of joy of every homeowner. Knowing you’re capable of giving your home a makeover can give you that feeling of excitement. And once the project is done, words can’t describe how fulfilling the experience is.

2019 is the perfect year to give your home its well-deserved TLC. But which home improvement projects should you consider? We strongly recommend the following ideas, for these won’t just add aesthetics to your home, but other benefits as well.

Timber Flooring

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A beautiful timber floor such as one made with French Oak Flooring can instantly transform your home with its warm, chic and gorgeous look. It’s an excellent investment not only because of its aesthetics, but because these are a sustainable, long-lasting and a modern alternative to tiles, carpets, and other flooring options.

Did you know that timber flooring is also an eco-friendly and energy-efficient option? With proper installment and maintenance, you get a valuable addition to your home that is cost-effective, renewable and versatile.

Smart Lighting

During the past few years, energy-efficient lighting solutions are what’s dominating the market. From LEDs to CFLs, we get to change out incandescents to these two types of lighting that promise longevity, efficiency, and money-saving benefits. This year, however, Smart Lighting is what we can expect to stand out on every home.

They a reliable source of light and can also enhance security and improve efficiency. Thanks to the intelligent systems that controls and manages smart lighting, maintenance costs are reduced, thus making it a lot more reliable and efficient.

Convertible Furniture

Gone are the days when furniture pieces have one and one purpose only. Before, all we have are sofa beds that turn fro and into a bed and sofa. Nowadays, you get to enjoy many convertible pieces of furniture that offer more function than one.

Now, you can have a foldable chair that you can easily store when not in use. Do you often have guests visiting over dinner? You can get a shelf that can transform into a long dining table. Have friends who often stay the night? Maybe get a cool sofa that can turn into a bunk bed. Depending on your need, you can get multifunctional pieces of furniture that are not only comfortable but are also convenient, sleek and witty.

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Warmer and Happier Tones

Last year, Ultra Violet was the Pantone Color of the year. This year, however, you can enjoy incorporating warm and feminine tones as Forbes announced that we have the Living Coral as the color of the year. So, those who are fond of earthy and feminine tones get to decorate their homes with earthy undertones.

The good thing is pastel colors works wonders in your home once mixed and combined with contrasting colors and woodworks. Whether you choose to use the hue on your furniture or accessories, with the right mix, you can give your room dimension, character and a cozy and inviting style.

These four are among the winning trends you can expect to dominate the world of interior design this 2019. Whichever ideas you chose, you’re sure to win the game and wow your guests with enticingly warm, smart and versatile solutions for your home.

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