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How Much Does a Sash Window Repair Cost?

Getting repair quotes

Windows have a significant impact on the exterior of your house, so it’s worth taking care of their condition. Turning your idea into reality is easy with Scott James. The company’s services allow you to restore the lost gloss of surfaces and breathe life into a residential building.

The restoration of window blocks is carried out in stages. First, you need to have an inspection of your window block, and only then you can make decisions regarding the repair. Depending on your requirements, the company’s employees perform the following procedures:

  • grinding and surface preparation for painting;
  • treatment of damaged areas with a hardener to harden wood;
  • filling voids using resin fillers;
  • replacement of service pulleys, double-glazed windows, and flap cords;
  • balancing of wooden window sashes for easy handling.

You can determine if you need certain services for timber windows restoration after a thorough examination and assessment of their current state. During this procedure, it is easy to find flaws that are difficult to notice. It will be much easier to provide comfort inside your house if you follow the advice of experts.

Tip 1: defining the work that needs to be done

Repairing a window unit can take a long time. The duration of this process depends on the wishes and requirements of the owner of the house. The customer decides what the restored windows should look like, but it is still worth listening to the opinion of the employee.

A full-fledged window repair will cost much more than applying a paint and varnish layer or replacing double-glazed windows. Having decided on the list of tasks, it is much easier to choose the restoration of your windows. Expert opinion will allow you to make the right choice.

Tip 2: detecting flaws

In order for your windows to last as long as possible after restoration, you should carefully study the possible shortcomings. Drafts lead to a deterioration of the appearance of window sills and other large elements. Therefore, this disadvantage should be eliminated before applying paint.

Rotten areas of a window can be removed, and then epoxy can be used to fill the voids. In such cases, there is also a need to use a wood hardener. Sanding the surfaces during sash windows renovation will allow to apply an even layer of paint and varnish and hide the work of professionals.

Tip 3: pay attention to the style of your windows

Victorian and Georgian-style windows are quite common. Each of the options has a number of features, and the final cost depends on them. As a rule, services for the restoration of Georgian windows are more expensive.

The cost of work starts from £ 450 for a double-glazed window, but the final refurbishment price depends on the type of your chosen service:

  • renovation and painting of windows – 450 and 520 pounds per window in Victorian and Georgian style, respectively;
  • painting – 220 and 250 pounds;
  • double glazed windows – 910 and 960 pounds.

In order to find out everything about sash windows prices, you should contact the manager. Inspection of your window block will allow determining the exact cost of the work you need, taking into account your wishes.

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