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Welcome The New Year With A Bedroom Makeover

Bedrooms are seriously underrated. People spend a large percentage of their lives in them, and they don’t get the attention they deserve. If you want a fresh start this new year, seriously consider giving your bedroom a complete makeover. Here are some tips on potential changes that you can make for those who don’t know how to start.

Add Some New Light

One of the first things you have to do is consider changing the lighting of the room. There are several ways to do this, depending on the effect that you’re looking for. If you want to bring new light to the bedroom for mornings, then addingnew windows would be a great move. The sunlight can also be a great way to wake up and give you more energy. For those who want to sleep more surely, dimmer lights might be an option. You might consider getting LED lights that have controls over their brightness. Turn up the lights when necessary and dim them when you need to do. You can also position the lights differently in the room.

Showcase Some Personal Belongings

A lot of bedrooms are rather sparse. Many people think of only sleeping in them and not thinking about decorating the place. Think of your bedroom as more than just a place to rest. Consider it a retreat from the outside world and decorate it accordingly. Additionally, some homeowners think of their bedroom as a spare storage room since no one gets to see it. The clutter ends up in the bedroom in one corner because they can’t find a spot anywhere else in the house. Think of using them for decorations so that you can see them. For example, if you have a photograph collection, think of putting it up against the wall as a showcase.

Upgrade Your Existing Furnishings

There is a lot to be said about upgrading the various pieces of furniture in your bedroom. The essential piece is your bed. For one, you should think about whether it is big enough for you. If you have a partner, then you might want to consider enlarging it so that you are not cramped together. There is also the matter of your mattress. If your mattress is more than eight years old or close to it, then you should change it. This will provide you with a more relaxing sleep in the long run. Other bedroom furnishings that you might have are a wardrobe and a vanity table. A vanity with a mirror can be a great place to get ready for the morning, As for the wardrobe, instead upgrade it to a small mini-room instead of it taking over an entire wall. This gives you more storage.

A Splash of Color

Many people ignore the colors of their bedroom. A lot of times, they leave it the same as they found it. A better approach would be to give it a full color scheme. Studies show that some colors are relaxing and that is what you want in your bedroom. Choose to change the room to a single color scheme by painting the walls the right shade and having the various accessories be of the dominant color. The best choice is blue, as many studies show. Blue bed covers matched with a variety of blue items can create a more relaxing look. You can choose other relaxing colors if that is not to your taste.

Rearrange The Layout

One of the cheaper ways you can give your bedroom a makeover is by rearranging the layout of the bedroom. For example, if your bed was near the far wall, moving it to the center can greatly change the look and feel of the room. Moving around other items can also change the flow of the room so that mornings are a lot less hectic. The result is also a more organized-looking room.

Focus On The Bedroom Functions

Another change is to move out anything that is not for relaxing or sleeping in the bedroom. It might nice to have a laptop to work in bed, but it is making sleep difficult. Review everything so that you can be sure that your bedroom is better for resting. Zero electronics can be a good first step.

There are various choices when it comes to bedroom makeovers. It can be as expensive or as affordable as you want to be. The important thing is that you’ve changed your bedroom for the better. A makeover will make your bedroom an even more comfortable place for you. You will only benefit from any changes you make in your bedroom.

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