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How to Avoid Being Overcharged By a Licensed Electrician in Toronto

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Many home and commercial building owners have to dig deeper into their pockets than they really have to in order to get a licensed electrician in Toronto work on their premises. The worst part of it is the fact that they don’t even realize they are getting ripped off. If they are lucky, they realize it when the work is in progress. In most cases, this is too late. Nonetheless, you can avoid being overcharged by your electrician by observing a few rules during the hiring process.

Know what you want done

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is settling for an electrician without a clear idea on the work you want completed. You not only allow them to come up with their own costs but also give them authority to decide what is best for you. Therefore, make a list of every work or project you want completed; only then can you create a budget to finance the work.

Conduct Adequate Research

If you don’t have the slightest clue on electrical work, materials, and standard charges for services, you would better do a bit of research. Don’t be afraid to ask around. Friends and neighbors who have had similar work done in their homes or offices would be of a great help.

  1. Compare Estimates

Don’t settle for any electricians just because they were the first you came across. Chances are that someone would do a better job at a lower cost than them. Compare a minimum of two or three electricians. Ask them for the reasons behind their rates. However, remember to dismiss an electrician whose deal is too good. Most likely, you will have to deal with hidden costs or worse, get a shoddy or incomplete job.

  1. Exploit References

Again, friends, family members, neighbors and other acquaintances are a great resource when it comes to references. Make sure that whoever recommends an electrician to you has had personal contact with them and have really hired them. Where possible, get accurate information on the kind of electric work done, period of completion, labor costs and other charges. At the same time, ask the electrician how many similar jobs they have successfully completed and at what costs.

  1. Negotiate the Prices

In many cases, electricians give room for negotiations when charging for their services. A good electrician will consider your requests for a lower price and when possible allow it. Some electricians, however, would not budge. This does not mean that they are overcharging you. It may simply imply that they have quoted the lowest possible price and anything lower would not do.

Final Words of Advice

The services of electricians are seldom cheap. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get superb electrical work done in your home or any other kind of building. Does your research, ask around, and try your hand at negotiation. In addition, hire a local electrician. Remember a licensed electrician in Toronto would be more ready and able to listen to your concerns and observe local electrical work laws and regulations than a contractor fished from the other parts of the globe.

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