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How to Buy an Animal Skin Rug

Animal skin rugs from Hide Rugs look amazing no matter where they are placed in the house. The best thing about them is that they cannot be imitated since they come from an animal.

Many people are dumbfounded when it comes to the selection of an animal skin rugs. There are several things you should keep in mind when selecting an animal skin rug including:

Color and Markings

One of the best features of an animal rug is its incredibly unique color and markings. There is a very wide spectrum of colors and markings to choose from when buying an animal skin rug and it can be daunting to select one.

As far as colors are concerned, most animal skin rugs have a neutral, natural color. The most important thing is how you combine the color with the rest of the décor.

There are also many different marking styles including spotted and brindle animal skin rugs. Brindled rugs have patches and stripes which make them look very sophisticated. Spotted rugs are one of the oldest designs you will find.

Other marking styles on animal skin rug include speckled rugs which have a dappling pattern and stencil rugs which look more exotic.


The origin of your animal skin rug can have a significant impact on its quality. There are special processes and techniques used to produce some of the highest quality rugs in the world.

For example, rugs from Brazil and Argentina are considered to be of a very high quality. They use special oils and salts to keep the rugs soft.

There are also certain things you can do to check the quality of a rug regardless of where it is coming from. The bunch test is one where you roll up the rug and see it when it unfolds. A high-quality rug should unfold and leave no wrinkles with vice versa being true.

Hair Length

The hair on your animal skin rug is one of the main determinants of which rug you will buy. If you want a large rug, then you will buy a cowhide rug or a bear hide rug whilst if you want a small rug a sheepskin or goatskin rug will be fine.

The hair length of the animal skin rug you buy will determine where you place. You generally do not want long hairs in an area with a lot of foot traffic. It will hide a lot of dirt and will be easily destroyed.


One of the best ways to tell if an animal skin rug is genuine or not is to examine its shape. You will never find an animal skin rug with absolutely uniform shape. If you find one, then it means it is not a genuine animal skin rug.

The shape of the rug should also compliment the space where you will place it. Animal skin rugs should be placed in open space where their shape can be truly adorned.

You can put furniture on animal skin rug if it complements the shape of the rug otherwise places such as in front of the fireplace are ideal.

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