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How to Choose Colors for Your Living Room Furnishings

Modern living room with blue sofa and colorful wall unit on yellow wall - 3d rendering

The myriad of colors surrounding us daily have the tendency of reflecting our thoughts and personality traits. According to color psychology expert Karen Haller, there isn’t a single color out there that doesn’t affect our mood or behaviors.

As far as choosing the colors to sync with your living room designs is concerned, it’s absolutely double tick to play well into the color coding of the furniture. For the latter, it’s often recommended that you choose the wall colors and only then, decide on the color of furniture. While the walls represent the core theme of your living room, furniture is like the graphic.

More often than not, choosing colors for your living room furnishing becomes a tough deal, especially if you aren’t well acquainted with the basics of interior decoration. Here are a few tips to help you ace the run of choosing perfect colors for the furniture in your living room.

Winding Up With the Walls

As has been mentioned above, it’s your job to choose the wall color theme first and the décor ideas for small living room next. Perfect wall colors for living rooms include blue, peach, green and even pink. Apt furniture colors for blue walls include pink, gold, brown, different shades of green, sluggish white and even other shades of blue. Another tip is to go for gray walls that match with almost every shade of furniture. You might also think about textured or multicolor furniture if you’re feeling bold.

Give Depth With Black

Most people like to keep away from black. But you have to admit that black adds more vibrancy to its adjacent hues. For instance, if you have black walls giving you the classiest of looks in your living room, it would be a perfect choice to go for lighter shades of furniture. White, off white or mauve, are best pals for black walls. Or if you are not too up for dark walls that might affect the mood, you could implement the same ‘light and black’ trick by choosing jet black furniture against light colored walls.

The Energy of Light

Be wary of the amount of light that makes way into your living room, whether it is through the windows or French doors or even skylights. Brighter tones in furniture, such as sapphire blue, emerald green or even fiery orange look great in natural light. So, they are perfect for your living room if it’s well draped in light and is usually occupied during the day. Homely earthy shades also look good in sunny rooms. On the other hand, if your living room isn’t too well-lit, go for cheery shades like buttercup yellow, ivory and lighter hues of green and blue.

Armed with these awesome small living room ideas, you can start planning the new shades and color scheme of your living room. So, get creative and bold with your choices and don’t settle for less as far as your furniture colors are concerned. Let your ideas speak of your persona. Make the colors match your personal style and palettes seek romance.

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