How to create and maintain the lawn?

Most of the humans dream is to build a beautiful house to spend their life time, you can build a beautiful one with cement and bricks but however a swimming pool and a lawn will definitely add beauty to your house and make it a villa! A house is built with bricks whereas a home is built with hearts and definitely a lawn will beautify a home. A lawn is an always sowed with greenery such as grasses, shrubs, plants and trees. Filling the whole lawn with grass will give a texture to your home and this grass adds beauty to the same. Adding a green grass to the lawn will attract people and obtain respect, but when to plant grass seed? Is the major question in the mind of house owners? An answer to the question is given as sow the grass seed from late march to middle of October. Seeds planted during this time will definitely grow up to the owner’s expectation if a regular check up on this grass is done.

After sowing the grass seeds during this season, a fine spray of water is to be done to displace the seeds randomly and for a proper growth. This date is suitable for UK lawns as after planting, warmth moisture of 6-8 degrees is required in the soil for an essential growth and germination of seedling. Plantation of grass seeds is important for a beautiful lawn and however watering for these seeds to become grass a much important role plays. During times of drought, no matter what the seeds should be properly watered however a small sprinkle upon the seed will definitely do no good. The best time for sowing seed is from spring however patience till early of September and then sow performed will definitely yield good results.

The best time to sow a grass seed is before or after summer and this is mainly because of the climatic condition up on which it grows. Living in US will definitely recommend sow early fall because of the climatic conditions prevailing there. The warm soil supports growth and moisture of soil will definitely help with less watering. Though all these seasons support sowing, a definite season is last of august or first of September as the seed starts germination and will be ready to withstand winter and will grow up to 6 cm making our lawn look green and much beautiful. The correct season suggested should be taken into consideration for plantation of grass seeds and a perfect growth of the same. Like landscape and gardening are getting a part in life. Swing by for some garden growth and landscaping pointers.