How To Keep Your Office Floors Sparkling Clean

Hardwood, vinyl, ceramic. There are different materials that can make up office floors. Each has its own pros and cons, but one thing remains true for all: Their cleanliness should be maintained.

commercial cleaning Kent is an in-demand service. And it should be for several good reasons. An office (not just its floor!) should be kept tidy to sustain productivity, maintain the aesthetics of the workplace, leave a good impact to clients and customers, and keep a safe environment for all your business’ stakeholders.

For this article, we’re paying special attention to how to keep office floors sparkling clean. Read on to know seven time-tested cleaning tips!

Invest in the right equipment. For you to be able to accomplish this task, you need to have the right set of janitorial equipment — from the simple brooms and dustpans to vacuum cleaners and mops to trash bags and gloves. You might also want to invest in professional-grade cleaning solutions in order to fight germs lurking in layers of dirt and filth.

Make use of a grout cleaner. Grout cleaners are especially helpful if you have tile floors. This specialised cleaning agent is designed to keep nasty grouts from getting accumulated with dirt and debris over time. It’s practical to use and is capable of removing pretty gross stuff in a relatively short amount of time. Commercial cleaning Kent is almost always never complete without using this cleaner.

Regular mopping and vacuuming is a must. Workplaces receive heavy foot traffic on a daily basis. This is why daily mopping is a must. Doing so will help avoid dirt from accumulating and stains from setting on the floor. Vacuuming can also be done once a week or once every two weeks depending on the situation in your office.

Don’t leave out the nooks and crannies. Whether you’re doing basic cleaning routines like sweeping and wiping or doing some deep cleaning, you have to do it meticulously. Clean every corner of the room as well as the hard-to-reach spaces underneath equipment.

Freshen up your carpets. If you have carpets in some areas in your workplace, make sure to freshen them up on a regular basis. Cleaning solutions are available in the market — you just have to sprinkle them on the carpets, let them sit, and then vacuum afterward. If you want to do it DIY-style, try mixing a cup of soda and around 10 drops of essential oil.

Don’t forget to clean your cleaning equipment. Many people tend to skip this part, but part of the cleaning process is cleaning the equipment themselves. Clean your brushes and freshen up your vacuums. You also need to allocate a certain storage space — which you will also keep tidy — where you can put all your cleaning gears.

Call a cleaning professional. Commercial cleaning in Kent exists for a reason. If you want to ensure every aspect of cleaning is covered (and this goes well beyond keeping the floor sparkling clean), it’s better to hire an expert for the job.

Make tidiness everyone’s responsibility. Cleanliness should be observed by everyone who uses your office. Encourage your employees to keep their things organised and tidy. Put trash bins strategically and display proper labels accordingly.

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