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How To Remove Possums From Your Home

There are plenty of possums all around Australia. They look cute and cuddly. But they are destructive little creatures. Possums pose no real physical danger. But it can be an annoying nuisance. This is why possum removal in Melbourne has been a necessity. The Australian law protects possums because they are native animals. There are ways of getting rid of them.

Get rid of its food sources

Possums usually inhabit an area because of food. They eat almost anything. They will scavenge through your backyard to look for pests, dead animals, and old food. As well as rotting wood and even snakes. Make sure your place is pest-free. This will make your area unattractive to possums.

Clean up your garden

Possums not only feed on insects, spiders, and slugs. They also munch on weeds and wilting plants. Possums are omnivores like humans. They eat both plants and meat. Keep your garden clean and prim. It will prevent possums from nestling in your garden and making it their new home.

Seal your trash

There is one sign of possum’s presence in your area without a sighting. Seeing that yesterday’s trash is no longer in the bag but all over the lawn. Possums look for food in trash cans. They can smell food scraps through plastic bags. Then they use their tiny hands to rip the bags open. Sometimes they chew it to open it faster. You should use bins with locking mechanisms or dumpsters with heavy lids. Possums will not be able to break these and will have no access to your garbage.

Use repellents and deterrents

Many repellents use the urine of predators as an active ingredient. These products are often sold as synthetic granules. They infuse these with a powdered form of the urine. You can also use flashing-light deterrents. It manipulates the fear instincts of possums. They feel like danger is nearby.

Make use of traps

This is an effective way of controlling possum infestation. Traps are a humane way to catch and contain possums at night. Traps lure the animal inside while you sleep. The snap closes once the possum takes the bait inside. You can decide what to do with the animal in the morning.

Block entry points

Choose hard substances to block entry points. You can also set up motion-activated sprinklers or lights. Possums get startled and leave the area at once. Leaving some cat or dog hair to cover the area with a predator scent is also a good idea. It will let the possums know there is a threat.

Remember that you should release captured possums after sunset on the same day you caught it. It should be within 50 meters of your property. It is better if you leave possum control to professionals. This will help you avoid legal issues.

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