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How To Replace Kitchen Counters In 3 Steps

Have you recently walked into your kitchen and thought, “Something needs to change?” As you walk around, you closely look at everything to figure out what it could be.

You’ve recently changed your kitchen cabinets so they can match the floors. The walls are painted a new color to give the room some more pop.

But what about your counters? They probably haven’t gotten an upgrade since you moved in. Plus, it can be expensive to hire a professional to do the job.

What if you don’t want professional help to replace kitchen counters? Is it possible to handle the project on your own? The answer is yes, and we’ll tell you how in our guide, so read on!

1. Remove Sink and Old Countertops

Depending on your kitchen layout, your first course of action is removing the old countertops and sink. You’ll need to shut off the water supply beforehand to avoid plumbing disasters.

Disconnect the sink drain and then use spare wooden blocks to pry the sink out of place. Make sure you do this step slowly because sinks can be on the heavier side.

Afterward, unscrew the nails on the underside of your countertops. Then, cut the caulk with a utility knife, enabling you to lift the counter and place it outside.

Prepare a place for your new countertop by screwing buildup strips into place. Make preclearance holes that will be useful for holding the countertop in place.

2. Placing the New Countertops

The following steps can be tricky, so you may need another pair of hands to help out. Slide the new countertop into the drywall hole created by removing the old piece. Then use a scribing tool to help make sure it fits securely.

If you’re ready, fit the other countertop piece in place. But be careful if you have quartz countertops because the miter might not fit correctly. Then scribe the other countertop part and connect the tops with the miter bolts underneath.

Don’t worry if there’s a slight overhang with your countertops. It’s best to order a more oversized countertop than one too small. You’ll be able to reduce the excess with a belt sander.

3. Securing the Counters

You’re almost at the finish line. All that’s left is securing the new countertop. Put some water-resistant glue onto the miters and then slide them into the bolt placement. But don’t tighten them yet.

Place a small wooden block on the top of the counters and slightly tap it to help the miter placement. Then you can fasten the bolts.

Remember those pre-drilled holes? You can finally secure them with screws, and then you’ve completed part of your kitchen renovation!

It’s a challenging task to complete on your own. Some frustration with the outcome is possible. But you can learn more about kitchen remodeling services and how they can improve your home.

Here’s How to Replace Kitchen Counters

Professional help isn’t always necessary when you want to replace kitchen counters. By having the right tools and following our guide, you’ll have your dream kitchen in no time.

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