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Sink Design Trends To Look For This Year

Despite what you may think, the kitchen is the most used room in most American homes. It makes sense- we use it constantly throughout the day for grabbing quick snacks, cooking meals, and entertaining guests. Kitchen renovations remain extremely common throughout the United States, and when you redo your space, you want it to look amazing.

Sinks are an underappreciated way to make an impact. Guests will be sure to notice an amazing sink, but with so many styles available, it can be hard to get started. Keep reading for our sink design trend predictions for 2022 for your next kitchen remodel.

The Edgy Farmhouse Sink Design

Farmhouse-style sinks are nothing new to the world of home design. They are a timeless, functional choice for sinks. They remain very popular, as their bold, exposed front panel continues to work in many different home design aesthetics in the 2020s.

With industrial style and rustic minimalism both continuing to surge in 2022, farmhouse sinks work across the board. The exposed edge is right in line with the exposed finishes of industrial-style homes, and the farmhouse-style sink fits right in with a rustic, cottagecore-inspired kitchen.

With these ever-popular sinks becoming available in more and more materials, it is easy to add some edge to the classic farmhouse-style sink. Concrete has started to make a splash and adds to the look of industrialism or a bold, edgy kitchen.

Also making waves are copper and stainless steel farmhouse sinks. These materials look great with any home style and take the iconic farmhouse sink a step further.

In 2022, we anticipate that farmhouse sinks will have a surge in alternative materials, such as stone and metals. With recent trends showing bold finishes are to stay, we are confident that sinks will continue to get edgier.

Integrated Sinks

For those who are not interested in a statement sink, an integrated sink is just the opposite. Recessed into the same material used for your counters, these sinks literally sink into the counter itself. This style of sink is sleek and seamless, and when expertly done, looks very high-end.

Integrated sinks not only look sleek and modern but come with a lot of functionality as well. The seamless design makes cleaning up easier- no more crumbs getting caught in ridges while wiping up. The overall flow of the kitchen is smoother, and there is a guarantee the sink material will not clash with the counters.

You can make integrated sinks out of almost anything you can make a counter out of. Metals, concrete, natural stone, and ceramics are all possible, and the only limit is your creativity.

We strongly anticipate these trendy sinks to top the charts this year. The sleek design and clean finishes are sure to be popular amongst all types of homeowners.

Workstation Sinks

The concept of a workstation sink is quite broad- really, what we mean is any sink where more than just washing can be done. Workstation sinks are available with multiple different functionalities. Often, these sinks allow you to wash, cut and drain produce all in the same place.

Workstation sinks come with many advantages. By keeping the chopping and cleaning all in the same place, there is less waste, less cross-contamination, and less hassle when preparing food. Best of all, these sinks drastically increase the storage and functionality of a small kitchen.

You cannot beat the ease of cleanup in these sinks. Because the mess is confined to one space, cleaning up is as simple as washing the sink and walking away. Some of these sinks even have the ability to cook and drain pasta without ever leaving the sink, making virtually no mess.

With so many different styles of workspace sinks, you will want to ensure your plumbing is done correctly. Expert plumbers, such as this location, make sure your new sink is set up perfectly so it can run hassle-free.

Vivid and Colorful or Black and Edgy Sinks

Another sink upgrade we are forecasting for the future of sink design trends is bold colors.

White sinks are a classic choice, but maximalism and bold finishes are taking over. New ceramic sinks are available in a wide range of colors and textures, giving you numerous choices for a statement sink.

In an otherwise simple kitchen, a statement sink may be a way to bring in a pop of color. In a kitchen that is already vibrant and bright, a sink can be a welcomed complement to the colors.

On the other end of the spectrum, we anticipate black sinks will have a major upsurge over the next few years. Sleek, black sinks look modern and bold. They can also be appealing for their easy cleaning.

With each of these, we forecast textured materials becoming very trendy. Smooth black sinks look amazing on their own but add a hammered or concrete texture and you have an even bolder look. Texture makes a statement all on its own, and we anticipate maximalists will love incorporating unique finishes into their sinks.

Which Sink Do You Think Will Make a Splash?

Sink design trends are constantly evolving, but we believe that 2022’s trends will be here to stay. Whether you like sleek and modern or bold and textured, sinks are an amazing way to show off your design taste in your kitchen.

Which of these trend forecasts do you love? To stay up to date on all of our home design trend forecasts, check out the rest of the blog.

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