How to Safely Move Large and Heavy Furniture

If a person is faced with moving, then several problems await him. Many people are concerned about how to move heavy furniture so as not to harm themselves and to do everything as safely and quickly as possible. There are several techniques and tricks that allow you to make moving furniture as convenient, easy, and safe as possible. However, it is best to turn to specialists of Houston movers who have all the skills to move and transport bulky items while they will make sure that the furniture fully retains its ideal appearance. A person mustn’t harm his health during such a complex process.

Features of moving large furniture when moving

To date, you can find various techniques that allow you to move furniture easily, but most often, you need a unique tool, the proper technique. It is best to trust professionals who already know how to move bulky furniture easily. For this reason, many choose professionals in order to organize the move. Specialized companies are popular because it will be difficult to move large furniture from one place to another. It is important to lift and move a huge sofa carefully so as not to get hurt or hurt your back.

It is important to plan everything, determine how you will do it, and calculate every step. Thus, you will spend less effort on further work on moving furniture. It would help if you  lightened the load and removed all attached parts and everything that can be drawn:

  • doors;
  • shelves;
  • boxes;
  • handles.

If this is moving the desk, it is necessary to remove the drawers. If it is impossible to remove them, they must be closed so that they open during the process of moving and transferring. It is better to remove the handles and legs and remove any sharp objects.

Tools for moving furniture

In addition, you should purchase special tools and packaging materials that will make moving furniture as convenient as possible. A furniture trolley is an important tool that any transport company uses, it is a vertical trolley with two wheels. Often a flat trolley with four wheels is used. They are used most often to move washing machines and dryers. Lifting belts will also be helpful, they will help to lift large-sized heavy furniture easily, and help to reduce the load on the body.

They are also stair rollers to move furniture up the stairs. It is better not to do this alone, mainly if you have never dealt with it. It is better to enlist the help of experienced people. It is also worth buying special sliders – these plastic discs can be installed under large, heavy elements. They slide nicely on the floor. Also, before moving such furniture, it is important to protect the doorways so as not to damage them. Special bubble wrappers for furniture are well-suited.

To avoid hurting your back, you need to follow certain rules. It would help if  you understood that the main load should go on your legs, not on your back. Otherwise, you can damage your spine. It is essential to observe the correct position when bending when lifting heavy objects. You have to bend, use your knees. When you lift furniture to move, do not tilt your body forward. You should keep the furniture as close to the body as possible and at the right height. It is important to use slow, steady movements. It would help if you never lifted heavy furniture above your shoulders or with your arms outstretched.

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