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How To Tell If Your Lock At Home Has Been Compromised

You need to take all precautionary measures possible when it comes to the security of your home. According to a top locksmith Hanover PA, most home locks are compromised without anyone noticing because, except for the obvious signs, no one really knows anything happened. Below are signs that you need to have your locks changed.

Suspicious dents on your locks and knobs

Dents in the locks and knobs of your doors can be caused by a myriad of things, but if your gut tells you something is off, you need to listen to it. Have you noticed any strange dents on your knob and the keyhole of your deadbolt? Someone might have tried to break in, albeit roughly while you were away.

Subtle scratches

If your locks were picked by a burglar who knew what he was doing, there would be almost no trace of the deed. However, an amateur would leave small hairline marks and could even damage your lock. Watch out for irregularities in your doorknob and keyhole. You might want to check too if your locks seem to be snagging because of unauthorized entry.

Signs that someone was in your home

Sometimes, burglars don’t try to steal right away. They secure entry to your home first, then strike when you are mostly unaware of their presence. If there are obvious signs that there was someone at your home but there was no sign of forced entry, check your spare keys. Are they all accounted for? Ask the members in your household if they misplaced or lost any of the extra keys. These expert unauthorized entries are the scariest because an intruder could have entered your home, profiled you, and there’s more than just the locks to change since your identity has also been compromised.

What to do next

After seeing signs that the security of your home has been compromised, the next obvious step is to change your locks. You could change into traditional locks again with the help of a locksmith Hanover PA, or you could upgrade the locks of your home to a digital one. This can offer greater security for your home since it is not heavily dependent on malleable metal mechanisms. Most of these digital locks are also set up with cameras that allows you not only to “look at the peephole” more clearly but also track and record whoever goes to your front porch.

Of course, to improve the security of your home, even more, it’s advisable to install security cameras. While it’s convenient that these cameras can be accessed remotely through an IP, make sure your Internet system at home is very secure so that no one would find out how to access your cameras without your permission.

You may also have burglar alarm systems installed. This would sound each time there is a forced entry into your home and is very handy when you are outside or sleeping and not looking at the security cameras from your phone. These security measures might initially cost you money, but the safety of your family is important. This is a worthy investment.

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