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Interior Design Trends for 2017

We all love trendy homes, it is a dream come true to walk in a  fashionable house after a tiring day. Trendy, stylish homes are definitely on everyone’s wishlist. That is why we have included the most talked about  Interior Design Trends for 2016, in this article.

Get ready to add that luxe factor to your home with these, Interior Design Trends for 2017

1.Marble is back

Before you  get a panic attack, this new trend is about ‘enjoying the little things’. You can go for super chic marble clocks, planters and perhaps even candleholders. No need to change your floorings.

2.Care free style

One  of the most useful  of the interior Design Trends for 2017  is certainly opting for low cost and low maintenance  style materials. It is about using materials that do not require high maintenance and are easy to clean, beautiful and resilient. This trend is advantageous for those pursuing real estate content writing jobs. Since, a content writer is busy in writing and has very little time left to take care of ostentatious furniture, accessories etc. Gets some real estate content writing jobs.

3.Black is Back

As they say “Black is my happy color”, may be keeping this phrase in mind, black is back in 2016.A huge black colored living room is definitely not on everyone’s wishlist. However, if you want to  pep up  your otherwise formal  looking room , you can paint one corner of your room in this shade. You can also use black colored cushions or, sofa covers or may be even furniture. The sky’s the limit , if you have the power to handle this color.

  1. Stylish Fabrics

Fabrics with unique designs , colors, patterns are gaining huge popularity.   Tribal prints, delicate damasks ,  cheerful chintz, Greek Key, Bohemian style, animal prints ,go for it ! Stylish fabric days are back, refresh the look of your house with these unique designs. Isn’t it the most easiest  of the interior Design Trends for 2017?

5.Eco friendly Wallpapers

Go green is the new mantra of   Interior Design Trends for 2017. Adorn your walls with eco friendly wallpapers and display your love for nature. The eco friendly wallpapers come various designs a patterns and colors. They are  printed  using  inks that are water based.

6.Brass  time

If 2015 was the year of  copper, 2016 is all about Brass!  This year is about replacing your copper fixtures with brass. This  trend is a simplest way to add some bling to your house  with timeless touch of brass metal.

  1. Contemporary art

This year is about encouraging contemporary work. So, why not decorate our homes  with the work of modern artist?  Right from economical  art pieces to accessories contemporary art is the ready to take your home to a new level.If you are like contemporary ideas, then you can  be a part of contentmart.com, a website for online writing jobs. You can either go for  writing jobs or look out for other content writers.


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