Is a New Roof particularly Expensive?

There are a number of answers to the above question, but the overriding answer is: ‘It depends on how big your roof is’. Regardless, whatever the size of your roof, replacing it, or adding one to a new build, will present a significant outlay. For example, an average sized new roof in West London will amount to more than an average sized new roof cost in Maidenhead. The aforementioned example was mainly based on geographic location and the subsequent costs associated, but with things as crucial and necessary as roofs, the cheapest quote should not immediately be taken. Your criteria for selecting a roof replacement specialist should be based on:

  • Their Experience
  • Their Reputation
  • Reviews from Previous Customers
  • The First impression you get from them

The four points mentioned above are absolutely crucial, but the best chance of having a new roof installed to your budget and satisfaction is a word of mouth recommendation.

The Benefits of Using Local Companies

Using a local roofer instead of one from further afield has many benefits. A friend or family member might have used them before and be more than happy to recommend their services to you, this is the ideal solution. Other benefits include the cost, if they don’t to have to travel from miles away you won’t be paying indirectly for excessive fuel costs and also, if an emergency repair is needed, to your new or existing roof, they will arrive much more quickly. This response time will be welcomed in the event of storm damage or a freak lightning strike!