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Why you Might Need an Emergency Plumber

The plumber is an essential tradesman that the UK homeowner must call on from time to time, as the complex system of pipes we call plumbing can easily malfunction. If you are new to home ownership, here are a few of the scenarios that would require the services of an emergency plumber.

  • Burst Water Pipe – This could happen at any time, and as soon as you know you have a ruptured water pipe, shut down the mains water, then you can call experienced plumbers in Doncaster, who will be there in a flash. Shutting down the water must be your first priority, as this limits the amount of damage.
  • Heating Breakdown – In the event your gas central heating malfunctions, the best solution is to call a local emergency plumber, and armed with the right tools and a lot of experience, he will soon have your heating up and running again.
  • Blocked Drain – This is certainly a time for immediate action, and once you have called out an emergency plumber, make sure you don’t run any water or flush the toilet. The emergency plumber uses CCTV to pinpoint the blockage, then he usually gives the system a power clean, which sends high pressure water through the affected area.

If you have recently moved into your current home and have not yet required the services of a local plumber, now would be a good time to do so, and whenever you need an emergency plumber, you have the number stored in your smartphone.

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