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Lay the Groundwork: Groundworks Phase of Home Construction

New home construction increased almost 6% last year! If you’re thinking about building a home or other construction, you need to know how to lay the groundwork.

While you don’t have to know every aspect of the construction process, you need to cover the basics. Staying informed helps you know when things are getting done the right way. Keep reading to learn more about groundwork and what the process involves.

Groundwork Definition

When you want to define groundwork, you can look at the beginning of the construction phase. To lay the groundwork is to prepare everything for the first stage of construction. That is where utilities and cabling get put in place.

You can think of groundworks as everything from the foundation to landscaping. All the sub-surface details are reviewed to make sure everything is ready for construction.

Groundworks companies take care of all aspects at the onset of construction. They come in and start the building process before anything else gets done.

Your building contractor will handle everything involved with the construction. There may be subcontractors that come in to lay the groundwork.

The company you hire to build your home will review all the groundwork details. There may be specialists involved along the way. No matter who gets hired during the build, they have the end responsibility.

How to Lay the Groundwork

Groundworks companies specialize in preparing things for construction. They will begin with a ground investigation to make sure there are no problems with the soil. During this phase, the site also gets reviewed for stability.

If there are problems, sometimes treatments can get done to resolve them. The collected data gets reviewed before structural work can begin.

Once the site is approved, it is cleared. The topsoil will get removed for the foundation to get laid.

The depth needed to lay the groundwork will depend on the ground’s slope. If the land slants, it will need to be leveled before the foundation gets poured.

When you lay the groundwork, the foundation provides the support of the building. When doing this, you should consider how much it will need to support. That will keep the foundation from splitting or becoming unbalanced.

Groundworks Industries

The groundworks industries thrive because all construction work has to begin with this phase. You cannot lay the foundation of a building without knowing it will be stable and the ground can support it. These companies make sure everything gets done to legal specification.

These businesses don’t only lay the groundwork. Many groundworks companies repair foundations and crawlspaces. They can also waterproof basements to keep water from causing structural damage.

Prepare for Construction

Now that you know what it takes to lay the groundwork, you’re ready for the construction process to begin. Look for a contractor who has lots of experience with groundwork. Your structure will depend on a sturdy foundation!

With some quick research, you can find a contractor who will build your home the right way from the ground up. Check out the rest of our site for more construction news and tips!

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